Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are searching for “best above ground pool vacuumthen as there is a light at the end of the tunnel similarly here we have the solution to every problem. When you are ready to jump in your pool but you look down and see a thick layer of dust in your pool; you don’t like it and it will spoil your whole mood.

Don’t worry,

You can effectively remove debris and dust from pool water with minimum effort on your part with the tools that are fast and effective to make your pool clean and sparkling again.

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Above ground pool vacuums; which do their work of cleaning efficiently, as these devices collect all the debris and dead insects into their filter bag and make your pool clean. Even these tools can clean your stairs and walls of the pool very smartly.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum:

Debris, leaves, dirt, and dust removal are the main problem that every pool owner knows. No effort is needed if you have a well-built and durable above ground pool cleaner.

If you are tired of collecting litter from the bottom of your pool then leave that task on your pool cleaner and take a rest. Now it’s time to get your pool looking in the best shape with the best above ground pool cleaner.

Some important features have been mentioned below by our experts to enhance the know-how for this product:

  • The powerful scrubbing system makes the pool vacuums effective, these tools scrub the floor of the pool and clean the tough stains evenly.
  • The suction system of the device should be strong so that it sucks all types of leaves, debris, and dirt that goes into their filter bag.
  • Robotic pool cleaners are the best choice than manual pool cleaners because robotic pool cleaners do their work fast and efficiently.
  • The length of the cord should be long enough so that the pool cleaner moves easily throughout the pool.

Let’s get to it and find you the top rated above ground pool vacuum according to your need:


Top Features:

  • Best Performance for Pools up to 30 ft
  • No Electricity Needed
  • Self Navigating Functionality

Keeping a swimming pool clean is a difficult task but it’s priceless for the hours of fun in summer if you have the accurate best pool vacuum above ground which can easily grab dust and litter and keep all surfaces clean. This vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning bottom surfaces and walls.

XtremePowerUS- 75037 Automatic Pool Vacuum includes 10 hoses so your job can be done easily. This product is best for effectively cleaning dust, leaves, insects, pebbles, and small twigs from your pool. There are no tires or gears so that you can continue your cleaning process without any interruption.

For this ground pool vacuum cleaner; you don’t require electricity, you just need your filtration system as it does not need any power source when connected with your existing pool pump. It moves in the pool at a rate of 8 to 12 feet in just one minute. This XtremePowerUS comes with the perfect hose size.

This is a highly inventive item which is specially designed for cleaning above ground pools. It has a 1HP powerful pool pump. It’s a multi-skilled pool maintenance machine that can even climb up the walls to clean.  This waterproof cleaner easily cleans and vacuums the whole pool and leaves you with a sparkly clean pool. It can clean all types of surfaces. This cleaner is lightweight and easy to handle.

This best automatic pool vacuum works on a vast range of pool surfaces including cemented and glass fiber. It can pump 1600-GPH to function properly. You can use it as both in and above ground pool vacuum. The base plate is soft and thick to clean your pool smoothly and perfectly.

  • Clean walls of the pool:

It can work very well on the floors and walls of the pool. This vacuum can need only ¾ HP to work perfectly. It can also clean up the sides of in ground pool. You have to adjust its forefront to get the right angle for your pool when you will do this then it gets into all corners and gaps along the walls. It works wonderfully.

  • Budget-friendly:

It is price friendly when you select out this best above ground pool cleaner. This pool vacuum is easy to assemble and is a less problematic device and gives precise results by sucking all dirt and litter because of its awesome suction feature. This pool cleaner can clean algae, dirt, and dust.

  • Vacuum corners:

At the upper surface of this vacuum is the suction sweep and tube connected, there’s a cylindrical section that swivels which allows the cleaner to change the directions and clean the corners of the pool. A plastic piece with borders maintains the swivel cylinder in a straight line with a suction sweep body. Its well-built design allows it to self-clean the pool without requiring you to start it or you can use it manually.

  • Final Thoughts:

This Eco-friendly pool cleaner is designed to give you a pleasant experience; as it is the best above-ground pool vacuum for dirt and it will maintain the pool water, making it attractive and inviting. If you are searching for an affordable and verified above-ground pool cleaner, then you are in the right place. Due to its simple design, it’s very easy to handle and simple to use. This automatic cleaner is outstanding and a great price-affordable option. This suction pool vacuum will suck up all the junk from your pool.

  • 3/4 HP and 1600 GPH to function perfectly
  • Soft and thick base plate
  • Effectively remove all types of dust and litter
  • Affordable
  • Echo friendly
  • Sets of 10 hose in a perfect size
  • Moves to 8 to 12 feet in just one minute
  • No tool needed to assemble
  • Wider suction head
  • No need for electricity
  • Cleans the walls and bottom surfaces
  • 1-year warranty for parts replacement
  • Not works well in deep pools
  • Doesn’t clean stairs
  • Limited hose length

Top Features:

  • Designed for Intex Above Ground Pools
  • Easy Installation
  • Auto Cleaning

Fun is finally beginning because the summer season is here with us again and there is no other best option than swimming. Clean your pool with an Intex-28001E pool vacuum as it can do its job automatically without any surveillance. It can pump 1600 to 3500 gallons per hour. This pool cleaner moves around on the floor with its 4 small plastic wheels. It has one hose adapter which can be screwed easily.  The pool cleaner is generated by the pressure of water that is pumped back to the pool.

This Intex above ground pool vacuum keeps the bottom of your pool clean and has the power to suck leaves, sand, and dirt. It moves fast and works great with your pool pump and picks up all the debris. This great vacuum is at an affordable price. It works like a champ. You can easily assemble it and then here it goes to clean your house pool. You will be happy with the number of fine particles this device removes.

With this cleaner, you can save yourself from many hours of cleaning as you just start it and walk away.

  • Clean sands and debris:

Here is another feature of this great device; it can remove sand and dust from the floor of the pool. This automatic Intex pool vacuum has a little brush at the bottom to clean the base and sweep the floor. The dirt is blown with water pressure into the dirtnet which is inside the Intex-28001E automatic pool vacuum. You have to regularly clean the debris net for efficient results. It also has a sand filter.

  • Efficiently Vacuumed:

This auto pool cleaner is tension-free as it effortlessly vacuums the whole pool floor automatically; it is designed for above ground pools. It has a 1-1/2 inches hose. This pool device is built with durable material which is long-lasting in use. It is a lightweight above ground pool cleaner.

  • Final Thoughts:

This best above ground pool vacuum 2020 is one of the automatic pool cleaners which is convenient for cleaning an above ground swimming pool. It’s a pressure side automatic pool cleaner. This pool cleaner uses the water return line and pool inlet from the water filter pump to blow up all litter into its inner litter bag.  This pool vacuum has done its job great and it is less expensive.

It also can fly off the bottom and works well. This great vacuum is an awesome time-saver. Its sand filter is much better than your thoughts. It pushed leaves off from the bottom. It is super easy to handle and works perfectly.

  • Cordless pool cleaner
  • 1600 to 3500 GPH
  • Sand and debris filter
  • Automatic-reverse direction
  • Perfect for pools that are 24 feet in diameter
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Skimmer basket traps
  • Small brush at its bottom surface
  • Not good for large pools
  • Wheels are not durable

Top Features:

  • Easy Assembly
  • Light on Pocket
  • Simple but Powerful

POOLWHALE- Portable Manual Pool Vacuum is an outstanding little tool for above ground pools; if there is dirt, plant materials, and dead flies drop on the surface of your pool then it’s the best option to use.  You are not in a mood to invest a large amount of money then this is an affordable device. It’s the best manual pool cleaner on which you have full control and you can take your pool from being dull to sparkling again in just a few hours.

This suction device hooked up to the pool filtration system; takes out all dirt and mud from the sides and floor of pools. This pool vacuum needs a physical movement to operate. This pool cleaner jet is movable and lightweight for your above ground pool.

It can suck all kinds of stains, pebbles from the ground of your pond or pool. It also has a filter bag. This vacuum comes with a 4 feet length pole. You can attach it with a garden hose also.

You can use this best above ground pool cleaner to scrub the sides and also can easily flip it upside down and can clean the surface of the water. The opening width is large enough for big dry leaves and litters. The hose suction is very efficient. It is simple in design and easy to assemble.

It is compact and easy to move between corners if needed. This jet vacuum has a brush that can easily remove stain from the pool and an ideal cleaner for above ground pools. There is no need for a pump filter or any kind of power. It has a large collection bag attached to it nicely so that there is no need to empty this bag until you will finish your cleaning. Further details of the features are below:

  • Clean stains:

When the water pressure is taken up then this pool vacuum collects all the dirt, litter, and mud from the pool. The suction system also removes stains from the bottom of the pool. To suck up the dirt you can use the hose. The water from the hose can fastly increase the level of water in your pool or hot tub. To clean the pool; there is no need to empty it first if you have POOLWHALE- Portable Manual Pool Vacuum.

  • Bottom brushes:

Underneath; there are brushes in this vacuum to collect debris and dust. It can help you to easily pull the dirt and save your time and energy. You can quickly clean your pool with this amazing feature. It takes little time to complete your task. This pool cleaner is designed to reach all the ends of the pool. It’s a portable pool vacuum.

  • Net Bag:

This best manual above ground pool has a net bag in which you can collect all types of dirt and debris. Even this bag can take fine particles of dust and litter too. This bag is large enough so that you can empty it when you finish your task easily. It even has a buckle to attach the bag with the device. So you can do your work hassle-free.

  • Connect to garden hose:

It has better suction power so that it can use water from your garden hose to do its tasks. This water pressure creates great effects which allow all litter from the pool to go into the collection bag. There is no need for electric power and a filter pump. As it is a lightweight and portable design; it’s super easy to clean up all the mess with this device.

  • Final Thoughts:

As the name indicates; this cost-friendly pool vacuum is specially designed for an above ground pool as well as the spa, ponds, etc. All you have to do is just connect this device with the hose which is in your garden. The pressure of water from the hose will collect all dust and dirt into a collection bag. This affordable vacuum cleaner is just fantastic. It can remove stains effortlessly and efficiently. It’s a high-performance manual device.

  • Large Filter bag
  • Simple to assemble
  • Limited space required to store
  • Attach with your garden hose
  • Mini jet vacuum
  • Brushes on the bottom for thorough cleaning
  • Suction power depends on water pressure
  • Needs more effort

Top Features:

  • 2x Scrubbing Power
  • Saves Electricity up to 8x
  • Scheduled Vacuuming

Luckily! The latest technology has the solution you are searching for this summer. A best above ground pool vacuum robot is the better way to avoid doing hard work to maintain your pool cleanliness. The Dolphin-Nautilus CC Robotic pool vacuum will clean your pool for you.

It works above and in ground about 33 feet. This dolphin cleans your pool in just 2 hours and then your pool is ready for fun. Efficiency is a basic need when it comes to pool cleaning. This robotic device is much better than suction and water pressure cleaners.

This robotic pool vacuum has an awesome quality to move effortlessly and clean the walls as well as the floor of your pool in no time. It also sucks the dirt, leaves, and all debris that floats on and in the water. Robotic pool cleaners do not demand much of your time or hard work. The features of Dolphin-Nautilus CC Robotic pool vacuum are below:

  • High-quality parts and design:

The weight of this cleaner is always manageable. This model has another great feature that is a fine filter basket for easy approach, quick-draining, and 2 times more power of scrubbing than other robot pool cleaners. This pool vacuum does not depend on a water filter or pump to get the task done.

  • Hassle-free cleaning:

Dolphin gives the pool owners tension-free pool cleaning. This robotic pool cleaner climbs the walls and cleans them easily. You don’t have to give high energy bills to clean your pool as these cleaners are energy-saver. It also has a power cable which is enough for your pool.

  • Final Thoughts:

Surprisingly! It has a lot of ability for collecting debris. This cleaner has the largest filter capacity which is adjusted at the top body of the Dolphin-Nautilus CC Robotic pool vacuum. Now you can clean your pool with one touch of a button. This cleaner goes at the same point many times that’s why your pool is clean as a crystal.

It may take 2-cycles to clean your pool. It works well all the season and will continue to impress you for many years. Overall it’s a great robotic pool cleaner. It will automatically clean your pool each week using 3 schedule settings; every day, every other day, and every third day.

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Clean pool in just 2 hours
  • Works efficiently and effortless
  • No need for a water pump and filtration system
  • Dual scrubbing brush
  • Need 1 touch to start
  • Big filter basket
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • A bit costly than others

Top Features:

  • Top Access Filter System
  • Cleverclean Scanning
  • Active Brushing

Dolphin E10 robotic pool vacuum is a play and plug system; it saves energy like a champion. It is perfect for those who don’t want to spend much money on pool vacuums and after that on electricity.

This E10 is designed to clean above ground pools. You will feel relaxed after knowing that your pool is clean and free from all litter. It has higher floor scrubbing and filtering features. Forget about cleaning the pool just swim; no hard work. Dolphin-E10 gives you time to enjoy yourself with your family.

It can do the whole task just in 1.5 hours. Now you can clean the whole pool calmly. With its smart navigation; it gives complete coverage of the pool like other cleaners, no random tracks. This is a lightweight robotic cleaner that can expertly clean the floor of your pool. It’s a great purchase and does its job quickly.

The Dolphin-E10 cleaner does all the hard work for you and cleans the pool effortlessly. There is no need to pay heavy bills on everyday cleaning because it’s a great energy saver robotic pool vacuum. You don’t need hoses and additional pumps for cleaning.

It has clever clean technology which will do its job smartly and its top-loading basket will make it a fast-cleaning and efficient robotic cleaner. No need for extra items. Just plug to start then drop it in the pool and leave this vacuum to clean the pool.

  • Smart  Clean Technology:

It has clever navigation technology. Dolphin-E10 never cleans in irregular patterns. This cleaner creates cleaning patterns that are suitable for your pool. This vacuum takes less than 2 minutes to get into the water and start its work. This smart cleaner cleans the pool bottom spotlessly.

  • Energy-efficient:

This Dolphin-E10 has a DC motor that works effectively and consumes less energy. Just because of this motor; there is no need for a filter or pump. This energy saver booster works amazingly.

  • Quick Scrubbing:

Dolphin-E10 robotic pool vacuum has a cleaning brush at the bottom. It rotates fast and scrubs all the difficult debris and dust. It is capable of cleaning the whole pool finely. This scrubbing brush produces friction which needs to remove leaves. Now even you will be more excited for this summer that you can enjoy your pool without worrying about its cleaning and maintenance.

  • Top load basket:

This best Dolphin-E10 cleaner has a top load basket in which there is a filter. You can easily take out this filter and clean all the dirt, litter, and leaves; caught by the pool vacuum. This is exactly what you are looking for. You will be impressed by how a fine bit of mud and dust was removed from the pool floor.

  • Final Thoughts:

This robotic cleaner is best to your standards. Dolphin-E10 cleaners are effective at cleaning all types of debris. The cleaner picks up all the litter into the filter bag through its pump. It can easily handle a swimming pool up to feet 30 feet. Pool cleaner contains rubber tracks that easily move around and even on walls.

It’s simple to take out all the water from the device when you remove it from a pool. Its top load basket lifts all the leaves, debris, and hair, etc. filter removal and cleaning is super easy.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Move on long-lasting tracks
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Top load filter basket
  • Fast water release
  • Clean the pool within 1.5 hour
  • Clever clean technology
  • Not good for large pools

Top Features:

  • 2-micron Fine Reusable Filter Bag
  • Jet-Drive Propulsion
  • Reduces Chemical, Water, and Energy Costs

Aquabot line of robotic cleaners is a popular selection due to its outstanding performance and durability. It’s an extremely budget-friendly pool roamer that has 40 feet floating cable that is enough in length to get your job done easily. This robotic cleaner can take any type of round either it is an oval or rectangular form or any flat surface; it can clean all these kinds of surfaces within 1 hour or maybe take less time without a hose.

Aquabot-NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum is powered by a 24-volt motor pump that gives jet-drive propulsion and vacuum suction. There is no need for hard push; it will start with 1 touch of a button. It’s harmless and you will feel that you hired a full-time pool boy. You will get more qualities and advantages if you are looking for something magnificent, at a low price.

Now there is no need to shut your cleaner off; if you have Aquabot-NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum as it has 2 hours automatic shut-off timer and also has a convenient power supply transformer. With a 2 or 3 hours option; this pool rover collects even micro dirt, debris, and pollutant matter from the pool floor. It has extra-wide plastic wheels so that it can easily roll over the pool floor to clean more. It’s the best above ground pool vacuum robot.

It has a powerful suction over 70-GPM; it’s perfect for above ground pool and has great access to bottom filtration. It will work for both above and in ground pool. The rover pool cleaner can take out large leaves and algae. It has a micro-filter bag that has a capacity of containing a large number of waste materials.

  •            Motor pump:

The Aquabot-NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum has a 24-volt motor pump. This motor cleans the pool within an hour. It completely works independently of the main pool filter. It removes the need for complicated and big hoses. Aquabot cleaners don’t stick on stairs and ladders of the pool like other cleaners.

  •           Automatic shut off timer:

This great above ground pool vacuum has great quality; it has 2 hours automatic shut-off time. There is no need to wait for hours to turn off this device, just set the shut-off timer and relax.  It will automatically get off. Clean your whole pool without any hard work.

  •          Built-in filtration system:

This pool vacuum cleans and refines the thousands of gallons of water in 1 hour. Aquabot-NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum is built with a durable, reusable micro filter bag that can hold various leaves and twigs and is capable of filtering out all kinds of fine particles including algae, bacteria, and sand down to 2 microns. All the debris and litter goes into the filter bag then you can remove this filter bag and you can clean this filter bag.

  •          Vacuuming:

The Aquabot pool vacuum has an extra-ordinary high suction system and a big vacuum pump which has the power to suck all debris, litter, and all fine particles. Even there are dead insects on the bottom surface of your pool; it will suck all the waste easily and store these into its filter bag. You just need to take out that filter bag, wash it, dry it, and again put it back in cleaner. It can also clean your pool walls.

  • Final Thoughts:

Highly recommended item; which makes your life stress-free and you can have pleasant swimming time in your pool. Its jet self-propulsion makes your work easy and you can do your task in a relaxing way. You can start your work with 1 touch and it goes to make your pool water clean and sparkling again. It can automatically shut down after 2 hours so there are no worries to shut it off like other cleaners. It is a Patented E-Z swivel device that protects your cable from damage.

  • 40 feet of floating cable
  • Reusable filter bag
  • Power supply transformer
  • Jet drive propulsion
  • No need for hoses
  • Need less maintenance
  • 24-volt motor pump
  • Powerful suction system
  • Start with one touch of a button
  • Extra-wide wheels
  • Patented E-Z swivel device
  • 2 hours automatic shut off timer
  • Maybe get rusty after a few time
  • No scrubbing brush

Top Features:

  • Cleans Whole Pool
  • Highly Efficient
  • Higher Suction Power

PoolBlaster-Water Tech Cordless Manual Pool Vacuum is particularly designed to remove dust and debris from the pool; for both in ground and above ground pool surface. This handheld device is cordless so that you can clean your swimming pool quickly and perfectly. These products are not only made for the pool but also you can clean your hot tubs and spa with this great pool cleaner.

The PoolBlaster-Water Tech Cordless Manual Pool Vacuum has a lithium-ion battery which gives you up to 1 hour of use per charge. It has a great power of suction with water Tech P30 feature. So that it can quickly suck debris and dirt and it can clean the entire pool or all the spots in seconds.

This vacuum cleaner has a removable head so you can remove the head and clean the hard areas of the pool. It works independently from the pool filtration system. There is no need for hoses and cords.

This versatile cleaner has a 10.5-inches detachable scrub brush vacuum head for deep cleaning. Pool blaster has the feature to capture more dirt and debris. It can hold a large amount of debris up to 40%.  It has a strong suction system that easily sucks all kinds of leaves, dust, dirt, sand, and twigs.

The cordless pool blaster’s battery is specially designed to run up to 1 hour. You don’t have to need to push the button because it has forced air operation. It works flawlessly. It is very simple to just charge the device, turn it on, and put it into the water.

  • Smart rechargeable battery:

It’s the best cordless above ground pool cleaner to do a better cleaning experience; you have to recharge the battery once it is finished. Its battery has enough power and it will provide you longer hours during pool cleaning works. When you will fully charge its battery then you can work up to 1 hour and clean your pool in a relaxed mood.

  • Lightweight model:

You are holding this device for many hours in your hand but still, you will not feel its weight. It is designed lightweight so you can easily carry this blaster and you will not feel its weight. Hence it is a portable cleaner you can cover the whole pool in a better way. Water Tech pool blaster is brilliantly designed and you will love to buy this item.

  • Independent filter system:

The filtration system of PoolBlaster-Water Tech Cordless Manual Pool Vacuum is independent and there is no need for any other filter and pump. It will provide strong performance which cleans your pool effortlessly and you can enjoy your swimming without any stress. This handheld tool process is so easy and simple. You also don’t need an extra cord. It’s a great tool for keeping your pool or spa clean.

  • Good standard scrubbing brushes:

Most of the features will be ineffective if the scrubbing brush is not good or unavailable in your pool cleaner device.  The pool cleaner has scrubbing brushes which are an important tool and these brushes give extra-ordinary cleaning results. They can clean any sort of rough and tough stains with their magical cleaning power. These brushes can also remove algae and any type of insects is in the pool. It’s an extremely demanding manual pool cleaner.

  • Final Thoughts:

This handheld tool has so many features and that is why this tool is popular among customers. It’s a great tool for above ground pool cleaning and also outstanding for those who don’t want to spend extra money for cleaning the pool. Charging ability is an excellent feature of this manual tool so that you can easily do your job. This vacuum cleaner uses battery power to work hard.

You can use it for spot cleaning or the entire pool. It is built to allow quick cleanups along with ease of use in corners or places where other cleaners are hard to reach. It is important to note that this manual cleaner is suitable for both above and in ground pools.

  • Operated with 1 button
  • Enough capacity for debris
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • No need for a hose or cord
  • Removable head scrub brush
  • Water Tech P30 designed to capture more dirt
  • Strong suction system
  • Run time up to 1 hour
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Simple to use and affordable
  • Reusable filter
  • Easily smash
  • Do not trap silt and sand

Top Features:

  • No Cable Tangling Issue
  • Fits Residential Pools
  • Two Large Suction Doors

You can spend a wonderful time in your pool if it is clean but if there comes to clean the pool; you will need a pool cleaner to do the job. Manual cleaning time is gone now as it is the 2022 advanced technology era. From the collections of above ground pool cleaners; Hitwby Cordless Pool Cleaner is better than we chose for you. It uses updated technology and rolls over your pool surface which provides excellent suction power.

This best above ground pool cleaner will quickly startup by turning its knob and it will do its task efficiently in 90 minutes without any supervision; which saves your valuable time and energy. There is no issue with cable tangling because it is cordless, you don’t have to worry about cord damage.

This is the best above ground pool robotic vacuum so there is no worry about its control box getting wet or when dragged into the pool because this cleaner has no issue of cable tangling. This automatic pool cleaner has two large suction doors and it works with one bottom brush. The brush will catch and lock the leaves, sand, and dust smoothly. This vacuum cleaner left the pool wonderfully clean.

When the robotic pool cleaner finishes its task; its handle floats on the surface of the water and then you can easily catch it when you are done with the work. It works on all surfaces like fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner pools.

  • Rechargeable cordless design:

Hitwby Cordless Pool Cleaner is a built-in 5000-mAh power lithium battery that can do the work up to 90 minutes after every 5 hours of charging. Its charging and body port is IPX8 waterproof. It also has another awesome feature; its floating handle which follows the motion of the vacuum. When the pool vacuum finishes its task, it is very convenient to take out this cleaner from the pool and remove all the water from the device just by tilting it a little.

  • Magnificent cleaning abilities:

The bottom of this robotic pool vacuum provides two large suction doors and the brush is placed in the center of the bottom to make sure that there are no stains left. There is also a filter tray that is installed which makes the cleaning easy. This pool cleaner is best for all types of pools. It will collect all the muddy leaves that sink into the bottom.

  • Brilliant shut down technology:

The power-aware system provides Hitwby Cordless Pool Cleaner automatically bends against the walls when the battery is about to finish. The off-water shutdown technology allows the robotic pool cleaner to stop automatically after leaving the pool. With this robotic pool vacuum, you can save time and effort on maintaining your pool.

  • Suitable places:

This robotic vacuum cleaner can clean the underwater surface of the above ground swimming pool and also cleans the flat bottoms. The angle adjustment design is used to clean square and round pools. The largest cleaning area is 860sq.ft and this cleaner can clean an underwater area of 6.6fts. This cleaner doesn’t need a hose or water pump. Its moving speed is 52.5ft per minute.

  • Final Thoughts:

If you are looking for cleanup plans for your swimming pool then this Hitwby Cordless Pool Cleaner is a great selection for you. It is more suitable than a manual cleaner. It is reasonable to other high-budget robots pool cleaners. When you turn the switch knob ON; its indicator light turns blue. It is lightweight and there is no need to assemble it. You just need to place a floating handle and take off the cover and rinse the filter if your filter needs to be clean. It picks up everything which comes in its path. It is surely recommended best above ground pool vacuum.

  • Turning knob and 90-minute efficient cleaning
  • Cordless robotic pool cleaner
  • 2 large suction doors
  • 1 bottom brush
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Floating handle
  • 5000-mAh power lithium battery
  • Lightweight
  • Environmental friendly
  • Needs low maintenance
  • Not build for large pools
  • Doesn’t remove algae

Buyer’s Guide

Pool maintenance is a challenging and boring task; it will take a lot of energy and time. Especially after a pool party, cleaning the pool is extra demanding. But now it becomes easier to keep your pool clean. There are lots of tools that you can use which are smart and simple to use. These tools can make the maintenance of your pool easier.

We have done the hard task of reviewing the topmost above-ground pool vacuum; so you don’t find difficulty in it. We aim to help and find the best pool vacuums for above ground pools. Here is a brief buying guide for finding the best option for you according to features:

How to choose the “best above ground pool vacuum:”

  1. Robotic Vs manual:

Manual pool cleaners are not working on electricity. They are normally connected with the pole for cleaning the pool floors while robotic vacuums are automatic and work all alone, these vacuums don’t need supervision. These pool cleaners operate on electricity but are highly energy efficient. If you want no stress; a robotic vacuum is the best option. But if you are searching for manual hand cleaning, a manual pool vacuum is also a great choice. The type of pool vacuum you choose depends on the size of your pool, your budget, and the pool cleaning features.

  1. Filtration:

The filtration system eliminates dirt and contamination from the pool water and throws out the filtered water in the pool. Some cleaners come with an in-built filtration system while some are to be used with the filtration system of your pool. The filtration system affects efficiency. If there is dirt and debris in the filter then cleaner will be less efficient. The cleaning is performed by using the standard hoses attached with filters. Also, there are some models which don’t need hoses.

  1. Suction side:

Suction pool cleaners are another pick for pool owners and a common feature in above ground pools. Either you are selecting a manual or robotic pool vacuum; now both have got suction sides. If the suction power is strong then your pool will be clean quickly. Your cleaner can suck all types of leaves, debris, dirt, and dead insects. They also work well against the walls. If suction power is high you can clean your pool in a better way efficiently and quickly.

  1. Brush features:

Brushes play an important role in cleaning the walls and floors of the pool. Most cleaners come up with high-quality brushes to clean the dirt, debris, and algae that are stuck to the pool surface. So pick a pool vacuum with high-quality brushes. The vacuum brushes must be wide so that they can clean the areas and corners which are hard to reach.

  1. Use of energy:

You will also have to consider the power usage of a pool cleaner of the best above ground pool cleaners. The pool cleaner’s speed and energy always come together and it affects the efficiency of each other. So you will prefer speed cleaning over the energy consumption of a pool cleaner. But make sure to consider your electricity bills also.

  1.  Wide tires:

A pool vacuum cleaner will be simple and easy to use. Robotic pool cleaners are much better than manual pool cleaners because manual pool cleaners are not good for big pools as they become very much tiring.

Pool Vacuums with large-width tires efficiently remove the dust, debris, and all kinds of leaves. That is stuck to the floor or walls of the pool in no time. These tires are highly movable and rotate fast at different angles for cleaning the tough surface.

  1. Budget-friendly:

Let’s keep it simple that we make pools to enjoy; we do not want to spend all our time cleaning them, that’s why pool vacuum is an important device. Automatic pool vacuums cost more than manual pool vacuums. It all depends on your preferences and needs for cleaning. The advantage of low price above ground pool vacuum is; not only price but also its part’s repairing and its maintenance matters. Purchase a device that is within your budget and easy to maintain. If you will buy an expensive pool cleaner then surely its maintenance will also be high. So wisely choose your pool cleaner.

  1. Length of cord:

The cord length of a cleaner matters a lot. Long or cordless pool cleaners are best in any way. These cleaners clean the pools more conveniently. Be sure that the wire of the pool vacuum is tangle-free or long enough to reach the corners of the pool without stretching. Most of the above ground pool vacuums have long length cords which allow the device to move freely. If the cord is limited then the vacuum will not work properly and you have to buy the extra cord.

  1. Suitable for your pool:

Many customers purchase the wrong vacuum cleaner for their pool as they don’t know their requirements. Manual pool cleaners are enough for small pools. The hose length also matters. Robotic pool cleaners are for big pools. These cleaners will follow the program and clean every inch of your pool. This type of pool cleaner doesn’t need any babysitter and they can do their work fast and efficiently. 


  1. What kind of pool cleaner is better manual or robotic?

Ans: Robotic pool cleaners are the most suggested pool cleaners for those who want less hectic maintenance cleaning.

  1. What is the best above ground pool vacuum of 2021?

Ans: DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is the best above ground pool cleaner among others

  1. Does the robotic pool cleaner work efficiently?

Ans: Robotic pool cleaner works very well. Now you can clean your pool without any stress as robotic pool cleaners do the work without any supervision.

  1. Why is pool cleaning important?

Ans: To keep the swimming pools well maintained; regular pool cleaning is mandatory. Regular pool cleaning prevents you from different harmful bacteria. It is important to brush the pool on a regular basis to keep your pool sparkling and clean.

Final Verdict

If you are still confused about what kind of pool cleaner you have to buy then to make this decision quicker; look for the best selling above ground pool cleaner.  All cleaners have their special capabilities but Pool Blaster-Water Tech Cordless Manual Pool Cleaner is for those who like to enjoy manual pool cleaning. Be aware of the fact; that it is manually operated; maybe it may take hours of cleaning but give you precise cleaning and you will become active while using this great vacuum cleaner.

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