Best Automatic Pool Cleaner – Reviews

People; if you are searching for the best automatic pool cleaner, then you have surely landed in the right place. A pool vacuum that will move by itself without human efforts, cleans any type of debris and dirt and from any surface. With all these features you don’t have to worry about what is a good automatic pool vacuum.


Our team of experts has collected all the data which will make your vision clear and guide you completely regarding your purchase.

Say goodbye to your worries; as the required pool cleaner has a swivel cable that will not get tangled or create a mess around the pool.

Best Automatic Pool Vacuum 2022:

Cleaning debris, leaves and dirt are the main concern for any pool owner. With all the recent technology and innovation, it has become very easy to do this. You can simply enjoy it with your family while it will clean the pool for you with this vacuum.

Some important features have been identified by our team to help you increase your knowledge regarding the best automatic pool vacuum. Every product under this category must contain some of these features:

  • Powerful Suction helps in taking out all the debris and dirt from the pool and makes the pool water very clean.
  • Automatic pool vacuums are more efficient than manual pool vacuums. As they require less physical effort of humans.
  • Energy Efficient pool vacuums will help you use less energy. And also, it helps to reduce variable costs.
  • They must be able to navigate and maneuver the obstacles themselves.
  • It must be able to clean tight corners, ladders, and walls, etc.

Following are some best rated automatic pool vacuum, short-listed by our experts which is going to help you buy a pool cleaner:


Top Features:

  • Automatic Suction Vacuum Pool Cleaner
  • Pool Cleaner Can Reach More Spots
  • No Gears That Break Too Often

It does not require any extra tools. It can work without electricity. And it can be easily attached to the existing filtration system. It allows you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying time with the family. It can perfectly pick up dirt, debris, bugs, and pebbles, etc. Since it does not have any wheels or gears so it takes out the risk of getting broken or jamming. It works continuously without any interruption and provides a great mental piece for the user. This is why it is termed the best automatic pool cleaner.

XtremeUS-5037 is a durable product. It is very efficient at work and requires very minimal maintenance. To change the flow of water it has an eyeball diverter. It ensures that water flows in the right direction. While it is working, make sure that there must be no air in the hose to increase performance efficiency. To make this happen you will have to leave cleaner inside the pool as it will extract out the air in the pool.

  • Smart Design:

It is designed in such a way that it provides maximum efficiency and can climb the wall of the pool and clean them. It should be connected to 1 HP Pump power or above. The filter should be washed every week to increase performance. To maintain the balance, the weight stabilizer uses a seal clip.  Each clip is for a 3-foot depth.

  • Smart Navigation:

XtremeUS-5037 navigates itself in the pool. That means it can clean your pool without having to put a lot of effort and energy into the user. Its flapper should be regularly cleaned.  The flapper greatly increases the flow of water to make it more efficient and faster. Debris might stick in the flapper. So, this is why you regularly need to check it to avoid any problems in the future. It usually requires a ¾ hp swimming pool pump and 1600 GHP.

  • Final Thoughts:

XtremeUS-5037 is a wonderful product that caters to all the needs of users. It provides them great comfort and is designed to navigate itself. So, you can simply enjoy yourself with your family while it completes the job for you.  It has an eyeball diverter to give direction to the water, a yellow seal clip to maintain the balance, and a flapper to increase the flow of water. Thus making XtremeUS-5037 the best pool vacuum automatic in the market among others. So our team of experts suggests you have this product.

  • Smart Navigation
  • Smart Design
  • Comes with hoses
  • Eye Ball Diverter
  • Not designed to clean the stairs of the pool

Top Features:

  • Ideal for Pools With Variable Speed Pumps
  • Articulating Turbine Blade
  • Easy Assembly

Zodiac-MX6 contains the most updated and innovative technology. The user finds it very satisfying to work due to its features. It is very compact and yet powerful. It can clean your whole pool with an automatic navigation system. It navigates on its own due to this feature and users do not have you worry about things making it the best automatic pool vacuum cleaner. It is also very energy efficient and uses a very small amount of energy.

It is designed to have articulating turbine walls. Due to this it can climb on walls and clean them very efficiently and effectively. It is very easy to assemble due to swiveling hoses. These hoses can quickly be connected.  Zodiac-MX6 has a flow regulator which can control the flow of water so you don’t have to worry about it. Its other accessories include an automatic weir valve, 90-degree twist-lock elbow, 7 x 1.2m twist lock hose length, Hose float, and Hose protector.

  • Innovative Design:

Zodiac-MX6 has a very flow design. This design helps it to increase its performance and efficiency. With a greater and suitable design, any automatic pool vacuum can increase its performance. Its innovative low-flow design makes it ideal for a pool with 2-speed pumps or variable speed pumps.

  • Powerful Suction:

The more a vacuum can suck dirt and debris from the pool, the greater cleaning it can provide. The powerful suction is such an important feature if you are searching for the best automatic pool vacuum. Zodiac-MX6 has cyclonic suction for powerful vacuuming. This provides greater cleaning power.

  • Final Thoughts:

Zodiac-MX6 is designed in such a way that it keeps in mind all the requirements of the user. It is an ultra-efficient automatic pool vacuum and completes its work without any hassle. It’s very energy efficient. This is why we believe it to be the best automatic swimming pool vacuum. And we would surely love to recommend it to you.

  • Easy to install
  • Accessories
  • Smart Navigation System
  • Energy Efficient
  • Cannot clean stairs or steps

Top Features:

  • Durable Long-Life Diaphragm
  • Maintains Peak Cleaning Performance
  • Increases Adhesion to Pool Surface

It is a very versatile pool vacuum. It can be installed very quickly and provides great performance. It is very effective for small and large debris. It can easily clean floors, walls, and steps. It can also work very effectively on different types of surfaces. It works with low-speed pumps to clean with maximum efficiency. This is why we believe it to be the best automatic in ground pool vacuum.

It is very easy to maintain due to its patented quick-release cassette.  It is also equipped with a 36-Fin Disc which helps it in avoiding drain covers, fitting, or pool features. It also helps it avoid getting stuck on lights. So, it helps it focus on cleaning the pool. It has a long-life diaphragm which makes it very reliable.

  • Powerful Suction:

It has a very powerful suction cleaner. That does its job without making any noise and is very quiet. Its efficiency is increased while working with low-speed pumps. It has a flow keeper valve whose core function is to regulate water flow to maintain good even performance even with lower horsepower pumps.

  • Wheel Deflector:

To clean and move around tight corners it is equipped with a wheel deflector. This is why Zodiac-Baracuda G3 is very wonderful for cleaning in the corner and maneuvering around other obstacles in the pool. Its scuff-resistant long-life hoses eliminate all scuffs. It is capable of working on all types of pool surfaces.

  • Final Thoughts:

Our team of experts believed it to be the best automatic pool vacuum for in ground pool; because it offers great cleaning through its scuff-resistant long-life hoses. It also offers great cleaning around tight corners. It is a wonderful pool vacuum for small and medium-size debris. So, this is why I would love to recommend it to you if you are a pool owner.

  • Easy to Install
  • Makes less Noise
  • Regulates flow of water
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Need to purchase extra hoses to extend its reach to the whole pool

Top Features:

  • Superior Vacuum Power
  • Total Cleaning Coverage
  • Uninterrupted, Hands-Free Operation

Pentair-K60430 is a product on which you can depend for good performance. It is also very affordable and is very easy to maintain. It has added performance features that help it in pursuing debris and dirt all the time making it the best automatic pool vacuum in the market. It has many design elements. The most popular suction side in history has shared these design elements. All these features turn it into a completely wonderful product. Following is a detailed review of the product.

Its design is created with absolute care and it helps in increasing performance. Its design includes engineered slits and fingers. These slits and fingers help it in becoming a unit and make the installation process very easy. It can easily be connected to your skimmer or vacuum line fitting. This could be done without the use of tools.

  • Powerful Suction:

Since everyone is aware of the fact that powerful suction is the most important feature in cleaning any pool for any best automatic pool vacuum. Pentair-K60430 captures both small and large debris due to its superior vacuum power. It is also designed to have an extra-wide mouth. This also helps in increasing performance when cleaning the pool.

  • Free Movement:

Pentair-K60430 moves freely around steps and ladders. This is because of its built-in bumper which ensures free movement in the pool to maximize efficiency while cleaning and also helps it in providing maximum coverage in the pool.

  • Final Thoughts:

Anyone who has used Pentair-K60430 or has knowledge about it has clear thoughts about it that it is the best budget automatic pool vacuum. This is because it gives the user maximum efficiency. It is very easy to install and is capable of capturing every type of debris, making it a very attractive product for any pool owner. And we would suggest you have this if you are looking for the best automatic pool cleaner.

  • Provides Maximum Coverage
  • Powerful Suction
  • Built-in Bumper
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Does not contain a leaf canister

Top Features:

  • Out-of-Water Sensor Protects the Motor
  • Beach-Entry Sensor Veverses Direction
  • Easily Removeable Top Access Filter

Hayward-SharkVac is incorporated with the most innovative technology which plays a greater role in cleaning the pool. It delivers a powerful cleaning by scrubbing the pool floors and caves. To ensure reliable and consistent results it is incorporated with high-quality components making it the best automatic pool vacuum. Following is a detailed review of the product.

Hayward-SharkVac is a powerful tool to clean dirt and debris. It is designed in such a way that it works separately from the pool filtration system. It helps in saving a lot of time due to reduced filter backwash frequency. So with this feature; its work rate is increased and completes its job very fast which makes it a very desirable product for pool owners.

  • Energy Efficient:

Hayward-SharkVac is designed to save energy. It achieves energy saving because of high-quality components and advanced technology. Also, it does not require any hoses, hookups, or extra pumps to complete its operations and thus it has maximum operational efficiency.

  • Top Access Filter:

It is incorporated with an easily removed top access filter. It is very easy to maintain and can easily be cleaned due to its two fine porosity filter elements. To increase its work rate and do cleaning very fast it is equipped to have high-performance steering capabilities.

  • Final Thoughts:

Hayward-SharkVac is a complete product that offers cleaning at such a quick rate. It is very to install and saves a lot of energy and time. It has an advanced technology system. It is a powerful tool for cleaning dirt and debris. Even though it is slightly on the higher side when it comes to price but keeping in mind the features it provides our team of experts believes it to be worth it and would surely recommend it to you.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Energy Efficient
  • Higher Work Rate
  • Compact design
  • Durable material
  • Slightly expensive

Buyer’s Guide

Maintaining a pool is no easy task. It requires a lot of time as well as a lot of effort. Especially after the pool party, cleaning the pool becomes extra difficult. But now cleaning the pool has become very easy. There are a lot of tools that can be used to keep your pool clean and maintain it properly.

Intending to find the best automatic pool cleaner in 2022 our team of experts has reviewed a lot of products. So, our team has come up with a list of features that you should look for when purchasing the best automatic pool vacuum.  Here is a brief buying guide to help you make your decision.

How to choose “Best automatic pool cleaner”:

  • Innovative Design

Any automatic pool vacuum should have a very innovative design. The design of any automatic pool vacuum plays an important role in increasing its efficiency and performance. So, the pool owner should consider its design while looking for the best automatic pool vacuum pool cleaner. It must be comfortable, built with advanced technology, and safe to use.

  • Energy Efficient

Saving energy is an important consideration while looking for the best automatic pool vacuum. The more energy-efficient a product is the more desirable it becomes for the pool owner. Because energy saving also helps you reduce your variable cost.

  • Powerful Suction

Best Automatic Pool cleaners are always having powerful suction. Due to this, it can suck all your debris and dirt, etc with absolute ease. Suction capability is the key feature for any pool vacuum. It must not only engulf dry leaves, debris but also algae, bacteria, dust, etc.

  • Navigation

It must be able to navigate on its own. It must-have features which allow it to move freely around the pool and must be able to take care of any hindrance. Because being an automatic cleaner, it must know which path to move to provide a sparkly clean pool.


  • Does Automatic pool cleaner work efficiently?

Ans: Automatic pool cleaner provides great efficiency to the pool owner. It will help you clean your pool with minimum physical effort.

  • Why is pool cleaning important?

Ans: To increase the life of the pool and to maintain it very well cleaning is important. It prevents the bacteria from coming into it and also it’s healthy when the water is clean.

  • What is the best automatic pool vacuum?

Ans: Zodiac-Baracuda G3 is going to be the best automatic pool cleaner 2021 because of its extra-ordinary features and specialty.

Final Verdict

All the above-suggested pool vacuums have their special capabilities and it’s not easy to choose the best pool vacuum automatic. But XtremeUS-5037 is the best among all of the above-mentioned products. It does not require any extra tools and can even work without electricity. It has smart navigation. So, you don’t have to supervise it all the time and it makes life very easy for the user.

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