Best Inground Pool Cleaner – Reviews

NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
Dolphin-Sigma Robotic Pool Vacuum
  • Gyroscope Technology
  • 3 Years Quality Assurance
  • Powerful Three Motors
  • Captures and Traps Fine and Ultra-Fine Debris
NETGEAR Nighthawk X10
Dolphin-Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum
  • Microfilter Cartridges
  • Efficiently Cleans with Remote Control
  • Automatic Weekly Timer
  • Oversized Bag for Leaves
Asus RT-AC88U Dual-Band
PoolBlaster-Cat Fish Ultra Manual Pool Vacuum
  • Affordable
  • Cleans 33 Gallons Per Minute
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • No Messy Hoses or Additional Pumps

Pool-owner; if you are wondering about the “best inground pool cleaner” because you want to enjoy your summertime with family in a relaxed environment and can’t withstand the sight of a dirty pool. 

The in ground pool cleaners are more preferable as they can clean deep inside the pool without any interruption. The pool vacuum which is easy to assemble and does not require much maintenance with high cleaning efficiency is everyone’s priority.

Best inground pool cleaner 2022:

Our pool-expert squad has considered all the technologies and advancements; to recommend the best in ground pool vacuum. Not all cleaners work on multiple surfaces, so make sure to check the specifications of inground pool cleaner before you buy it.

Along with this some important features which make the in ground pool vacuum best are summarized by our teams mentioned below:

  • The in ground pool cleaner must come with a large filtration bag; to provide precise and deep cleaning. Because no one can empty the filter basket again and again.
  • Make sure to check the category of the pool vacuum, either it is automatic, manual, or robotic. Then decide according to the category which suits you best.
  • It can move easily on any surface of the pool which includes; cement vinyl, gunite, etc.
  • It must be easy to assemble which does not require too many hoses as it can complicate the cleaning.
  • The in ground pool cleaner should be energy efficient; as no one wants to pay too much high electricity bills apart from buying an expensive pool cleaning product.

To hunt the best selling in ground pool vacuum; the following is the list of some pool cleaners which will help you in finalizing your decision:


Top Features:

  • Complete Coverage
  • No Need for Booster Pump
  • Captures Larges Debris

Polaris is a known brand all around the world. It is serving its customer for so many years. They always bring out the best technology to their customers and serve their customers with the best possible product in different categories.

Zodiac-Polaris F1 is one example of how they have built the best inground pool cleaner. It has the capability of working in all in-ground pools. 

It is very energy efficient because it does not have a separate booster pump. It captures large debris, leaves, and pebbles, etc with the help of a single chamber filter bag. It is capable of scrubbing the bottom and wall of the pool; any pool owner wants a reliable, high-quality product and Zodiac-Polaris F1 provides all that.

Zodiac-Polaris F1 runs by triple jets. It has advanced cleaning technology and it also comes with an all-wheel drive. To increase the life of its filtration system, its unique filter system removes debris, etc. before reaching the filter or pump basket. Thus, the life of the filtration system is increased. Its vacuums can clean and scrubs the wall of any size. It can clean a pool of any shape. This is why it is recognized as the best in-ground pool vacuum.

  • Advanced Technology:

This era is the era of technology; technology is playing a greater part in today’s world. Every product we use to keep on updating. Zodiac-Polaris F1 Automatic Pool Vacuum is like any other updated product which has advanced technology. It makes the product very easy to use and provides comfort to the user with its increased efficiency of work.

  • Filter bag:

Filtering is such an important function for any pool vacuum. Zodiac-Polaris F1 comes with a very large filter bag. This filter bag collects the debris before it even reaches the filtration system. By doing so it does not only increase the life of the filtration system but also increases the efficiency of the filtering process by reducing filer cleaning.

  • Powerful Debris Intake

Zodiac-Polaris F1 Automatic Pool Vacuum has a dual venturi jet vacuum which helps in powerful debris intake. The more effective the debris intake process is, the more cleaning it would provide to the pool. It has a very large opening. This large opening helps in accommodating larger debris such as leaves, acorns, and pebbles. The customer also has the option to purchase a booster pump with this. This booster pump provides the optimal power which helps in picking up large debris. This booster also helps in circulating clean warm water in the pool.

  • Accessories:

Zodiac-Polaris F1 comes with a bunch of accessories that help in keeping this whole process of cleaning smooth and efficient. Its accessories include a 31-feet hose kit, a single chamber filter bag, and a set of instructions. Booster pump can also be purchased along with it depending upon customer choice. It also has an in-line back-up valve; which automatically frees the 360, if it gets stuck without disturbing the cleaning.   

  • Final Thoughts:

Zodiac-Polaris F1 Automatic Pool Vacuum provides all the required features which any pool owner wants to have. It provides advanced technology, greater cleaning, and filtering capacity, and comfort to the user. If the question is what is the best pool vacuum cleaner? We are certainly going to answer Zodiac-Polaris F1. Even though it is on the slightly expensive side but still it provides important features which in return give greater satisfaction to the customers.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Accessories included
  • Greater Debris intake
  • Large Filter Bag
  • Easy to mobilize
  • Cleans both walls and floors
  • Expensive

Top Features:

  • Advanced Suction Mechanical Pool Cleaner Robot
  • Cyclonic Suction for Powerful and Aggressive Wall Climbing
  • Flex Power Turbine Blade Provides Efficiency

Zodiac-MX6 Robotic Pool Vacuum; consumes very little energy as compared to other pool cleaners, making it very attractive for users. As consuming less energy is the concern of most of the customers. It has a very innovative flow design. The bi-directional navigation system is already programmed in it which helps to complete the tasks without any hassle. This system helps in finding the directions and completes the job more smoothly.

It has the best-in-class vacuum power making it a very powerful, ultra-efficient, suction-side pool cleaner. All these attributes make Zodiac-MX6 best in the ground pool vacuum because it has all the needed features to make it the very best in its category. Following is a detailed review of the product.

For powerful vacuuming; Zodiac-MX6 Robotic Pool Vacuum has cyclonic suction that helps in increasing the performance of the product. It also has an articulating turbine blade for aggressive wall climbing. It is an ideal product for pools with 2 different speed levels or we say variable speed pump.

It also has other accessories such as a hose which is 8.4 m. These hoses are easy to assemble with a quick-connect style. It also has a flow regulator whose job is to control the water flow and make the process easy and smooth for the user.

  • Innovative Flow Design:

Flow design is such an important feature to be considered when anyone is trying to find the best automatic in ground pool vacuum. Because flow design helps in keeping the pool much cleaner. Zodiac-MX6 comes with a creative and unique design flow. This helps in keeping the flow going and it is very ideal for in ground pool.

  • Powerful Vacuuming:

It is designed to have cyclonic suction. This cyclonic suction helps in powerful vacuuming and keeps the pool clean in very little time. Because of this cyclonic suction, all the debris and leaves, etc are easily sucked out of the pool leaving the pool sparkly clean.

  • Turbine blade:

Zodiac-MX6 has been incorporated with articulating turbine blades. These blades help in aggressive wall climbing. Because of these; it is capable of cleaning on walls and all types of surfaces because its overall reach has been increased. It can clean concrete, vinyl, tile, and fiberglass floor effortlessly.

  • Accessories:

It comes with a lot of other accessories that help in increasing work efficiency and makes the work easy. It has swiveling hoses which are very easy to assemble due to its quick-connect style. Other things include; weir valve, 90-degree twist-lock elbow, 7 x 1.2 mm twist lock hose lengths, flow regulator valve, hose float, and hose protector.

  • Final Thoughts:

Our final thoughts are very clear when it comes to the best suction in ground pool cleaner Zodiac-MX6; it has very excellent features which are capable of getting the job done quickly. With a bi-directional feature, it can move in both forward and reverse directions easily. The robotic pool vacuum is going to bring ease to the hectic life. So, we are surely going to recommend it to you and it is one of the best pool vacuum for dirt.

  • Innovative Flow Design
  • Powerful Vacuuming
  • Articulating Blades
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Provides stress-free pool cleaning
  • Little bit pricey

Top Features:

  • Easy Installation
  • Weighted Design
  • Durable and Long-Lasting

Swimline is serving its customers for around the last five decades and it is a leading manufacture when it comes to high-quality products. It has a very strong satisfied customer base due to the quality of product it produces. It is one of the largest manufacturers of in ground pool cleaners and all other related accessories. Swimline-8110 Manual Pool Vacuum is also one of its other high-quality products. It does its job so smoothly without making any hassle. This is why it is considered as the best inground pool vacuum because it has features that only focus on completing the job more accurately.

Swimline-8110 Manual Pool Vacuum is a very lightweight product and it is very easy to carry anywhere. It is a multi-color product. It comes with all the required tools that support the need of any customer. For any user, these things are of primary importance that how all these features will combine to work as one complete unit and complete the job for them.

  • Lightweight Design:

It is a very compact and lightweight product. Its weight is around 1-2 lbs. And it is certainly one of the most lightweight in ground pool cleaners.  Due to its less weight, it can easily do all of its work smoothly and it is very easy to move around.

  • Shape:

It has a very unique shape. Its shape is like a half-moon. This shape helps in making the cleaning process more productive. This shape increases its efficiency very much when it comes to pools with rounded corners and walls. This helps in keeping the pool thoroughly clean.

  • Durable:

Swimline-8110 Manual Pool Vacuum is known for its durability and it is very easy to assemble. It is a durable and long-lasting product. So, it’s almost like one-time purchase product. You can purchase this one and have this product with you for a very long time. Its replaceable brushes are also easily available so the user does not have to worry about anything in the longer-term in case of any damage.

  • Accessories:

It comes with a vacuum hose which can fit both 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 hose neck. It can also be easily attached to any standard telescopic swimming pool pole. Its brushes allow for easy dirt removal while vacuuming.

  • Final Thoughts:

Swimline-8110 is the best affordable in ground pool vacuum.  Because it is easy to purchase and is very easy to use. Its features and also its shapes help in keeping the pool clean. Its moon-like shape increases its productivity by a great deal especially in pools with rounded corners and walls. Its lightweight design helps it in getting the bottom of the pool and stays there for greater performance in keeping the pool clean. So, if it is up to us, we are surely going to advise you have this if you are a pool owner.

  • Lightweight design
  • Unique Shape
  • Easy to carry and easy to assemble
  • Reliable
  • Weak sucking powers
  • Might be tiring for big pools

Top Features:

  • Microfilter Cartridges
  • Full media Indicator Light
  • Oversized Leaf Bag

Dolphin-Premier comes with different media types, smart navigation, and small control. It is designed for easy use. It has 3-year quality assurance. It is a very ideal tool for a pool up to 50 feet. It has a single button plug. So, you can just start the whole process by simply pressing one button and can relax while it does its job deep inside the pool.

Its brushes attack dirt and other particles in the pool and scrub them out. Making it the best handheld inground pool vacuum. It makes cleaning very convenient. You can just set the schedule and it will automatically clean it for you as per the schedule set by you whether it is daily or every third day or weekly etc. 

Its dual scrubbing brushes ensure that they clean every inch of the swimming pool. It operates at around 90 percent less energy as compared to other old types of cleaners. Following is a detailed review of the product. So many unique and advanced features are just located in one product Dolphin-Premier. It provides the option of drop and goes the customer. You can just simply drop it and you can go to do your other work and it will do all of its work on its own as per the setting done by the customer. It has cleaning made very convenient by the use of advanced technology.

The user can simply set the schedule and it will do the rest of the job as per the schedule set by the user. So, the user does not have to constantly worry about it and can easily do all of its other work in the meantime. Disposable debris bags are also available in them and can be used by the customer as per his or her requirements.

  • Multi-Media:

It comes with different multimedia such as micro cartridges, standard cartridges, and oversized leaf/debris bags. For complete pool coverage, it has a very efficient advanced algorithm. This provides very smart and efficient cleaning services. So, this use of technology makes Dolphin-Premier a very unique and comprehensive product. This use of technology makes the life of the end-user very easy as he or she does not have to worry about the process very much.

  • DC Motors:

Dolphin-Premier is incorporated with an ultra-efficient twin DC motor. This motor along with the help of dual scrubbing brushes; helps in cleaning every inch of the pool and makes the pool clean of any debris, leaves, and dirt. It is capable of operating at 90% less energy as compared to other suction and pressure cleaners. So, it does not only provide great cleaning but it also low cost as act as being an energy saver, making it very attractive for all types of pool owners.

  • Smart Control:

It gives great control to the user by offering the option of smart control. Smart control options give you the chance to set the intervals as per your desires. You can set the intervals on a daily basis, weekly basis, or any other criteria you can choose. So, you don’t have to manually turn this on every time you want to use it. Whenever it is empty it has LED full indicators turns on and you know that now you are needed to clean your filter.  

  • Smart Navigation:

It provides complete pool coverage through a smart navigation system installed in it. It is very advance software that highly optimized scanning and coverage. It also has advanced algorithms installed in it that are capable of cleaning 100% of the pool and also the walls, floors, and tiles, etc. It is one of the greatest engineering accomplishments in the pool robot industry.

  • Final Thoughts:

Technology keeps on advancing every day. The more advanced technology is the more useful it is for the users. Technology helps to make a product user-friendly. The same is the case with Dolphin-Premier it is the best-engineered product when it comes to the pool robot industry. It has very advanced features which do not only keep the pool clean but also provide greater comfort. This is why we believe that is the best pool vacuum for in ground pool and we would suggest it to you to have this product if you are a pool owner.

  • Smart Navigation
  • Multi-Media
  • Tile Line Scrubbing
  • Smart Control
  • DC Motors
  • Heavy

Top Features:

  • Versatile Cleaning
  • Long Battery Run-Time
  • Easy One-Press Operation

It is a manual pool cleaner that is designed to tackle any type of mess in any pool spa or hot tub etc. It also has a very highest flow pump that helps in the cleaning process. Its other features include an innovative quick start button. This makes the cleaning process very easy for the customer.

 PoolBlaster-Cat Fish Ultra Manual Pool Vacuum includes a filter bag that engulfs all the dirt in it. And it is also very easy to clean so you don’t have to touch the dirt. It also has a rechargeable battery in it. This rechargeable battery can work up to 45 minutes per charge.  Following is a detailed review of the product.

For quick and easy cleaning; PoolBlaster-Cat Fish Ultra is the perfect product. It is very useful while cleaning the swimming pool, etc. It does not require any hoses or cords etc. It provides versatile cleaning. It can clean the spots in seconds and can easily clean the entire pool in no time. This great cleaning ability makes it the best manual inground pool vacuum.  

It is also very lightweight. Due to this less weight, it can easily go down and perform the cleaning function in the bottom very well. It can be used with the help of a hand or can be attached to any standard telescopic pool pole.

  • Powerful Battery:

It has a very powerful battery. This lithium-ion battery is designed to work up to 45 minutes per charge. This is a very important feature because no user would want to have its battery stop in the middle of cleaning. It will disrupt the whole flow of work. So by having such greater charge time gives full opportunity to the user to complete its work with absolute comfort and ease.

  • Easy Operation:

Due to its innovative quick start button, this manual pool vacuum makes cleaning very convenient. It has a 10.5-inch head which is great when it comes to general cleaning. It can clean up to 33 Gallon per Minute. This gives extraordinary things. Cleaning such a great amount in such little time is not an easy thing. PoolBlaster-Cat Fish Ultra achieves this with such ease making it the best in ground pool vacuum.

  • Filter Bag:

PoolBlaster-Cat Fish Ultra also has such a large filter bag that helps in collecting debris, leaves, and other particles such as sand and dirt, etc. All the dirt is compacted and is being fit into the bag. Due to which the bag’s capacity to adjust the dirt has increased and you don’t have to clean the bag again and again.

  • Quick Release:

PoolBlaster-Cat Fish Ultra is designed to have unique canister debris chambers which use a dual lever connection. This technology helps in emptying the debris chamber. Due to this, you don’t have to touch the dirt. So, your hands remain cleans while doing this. It can capture a variety of debris such as acorns, twigs, leaves, dirt, and sand.

  • Final Thoughts:

When it comes to the category of the best manual in ground pool vacuum, PoolBlaster-Cat Fish Ultra is the product you would love to have. Because it is innovative, it is easy to use and it provides such great comfort. Its powerful battery helps in providing greater run time and it has such a big filter bag. So, all these things ultimately help in making the process smooth and comfortable for the user and not be disturbed at any point. So, this is why we would recommend you to have this amazing pool cleaner.

  • Canister Debris Chamber
  • Big filter bag
  • Innovative Quick Start Button
  • Powerful Battery
  • Does not come with a pole
  • Manual cleaning can give muscle pain

Top Features:

  • Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushed
  • No Messy Bags to Clean
  • Smart Navigation

Dolphin-Sigma Robotic Pool Vacuum comes with a bunch of unique features making it a very desirable product for pool owners. It is incorporated with an anti-tangling swivel cable. This allows roaming around freely and can easily go up to 50 feet and thus ultimately helps in cleaning the bottom of any pool.

Thus, provides hassle-free cleaning and it is also very easy to use for any user. It can do all of the deep cleanings in just 2.5 hours because of its powerful dual scrubbing brushes. It removes tough stains and bacteria etc from the floor and walls of the pool. All these features make Dolphin-Sigma the best inground pool cleaner.  Following is a detailed review of the product.

It is equipped with such advanced technology. You can just automatically set the schedule in it and it will perform its work as per the schedule set. You can schedule it to work weekly, daily or 2 days a week or 3 days a week, etc. It’s all your choice and it will work accordingly as per your instructions without you having to worry about anything. It also has the technology of connecting your sigma to your smartphone and using Bluetooth to spot the clean when needed.

  • Dual Filters:

It comes with dual massive top-loading filtration cartridges. These are very helpful when it comes to taking control of the pool. High flow rates are maintained because of the larger size of the filters. Due to this, work rate and efficiency both are increased. And ultimately overall cleaning process becomes smoother and fewer times are used.

  • Triple Motor Power:

Dolphin-Sigma is equipped to have triple 24-volt DC motors. It is a very powerful motor and is designed to send power to dual scrubbing brushes. These brushes in response attack tough containment removing algae and bacteria from the floor, walls, and waterline. It can do all of this cleaning is merely 2.5 hours. So, both the performance and work rate are increased to a great extent. It also consumes almost 90% less energy as compared to other old fashioned pool cleaners

  • Smart Navigation:

The advanced algorithm is already installed in it which helps in the cleaning of the pool floor, wall, and tile waterline. It is waterline capable and scrubs all pool surfaces. For highly optimized scanning and to provide a new level clean a smart navigation system is installed in it which provides a greater help in completing the whole process.

  • Advanced Control:

Some in ground pool vacuum are needed to turn on manually before use but Dolphin-Sigma is automatic and provides full advanced control. It can be turned on as per the desired interval. You can simply schedule it as per your desire such as daily or weekly etc and due to its advance control option, it will start performing as per the schedule set by the end-user making it a very attractive and desirable product for anyone.

  • Final Thoughts:

Due to the unique features and advanced technology that Dolphin-Sigma Automatic Pool cleaner provides such as a smart navigation system, advanced control options where you can schedule it to turn on, triple motor power, powerful brushes for scrubbing and dual filters, etc you don’t have to think very much, you simply want this product as soon as possible because it is simply best in ground pool vacuum without any doubt.

  • Dual Filter plate
  • Powerful Motor
  • Powerful Brushes
  • Advanced Control technology
  • Smart Navigation System
  • Easy cleaning basket
  • Waterline scrubbing
  • Gyroscope for perfect angular velocity
  • Expensive

Top Features:

  • Exclusive Smarttrac Programmed Steering System
  • Cleans Faster Than Random-Style Cleaners
  • Spring-Loaded Cover for Added Safety

As the name suggests it is an automatic pool cleaner. It is used for in ground swimming pool. It has amazing built-in features which ensure very fast and very accurate performance. Pentair-GW7900 Automatic Pool Vacuum is designed to have an exclusive smarttrac programmed steering system that helps in doing cleaning around the corners, ladders, and obstacles. This system assures a very fast and very accurate performance.

Since it cleans faster than a random styled cleaner so it minimizes the possibility of missing any spots so it means it completes its work very effectively. It also includes safety features such as a spring-loaded cover for the vac port door. This makes Pentair-GW7900 the best vacuum pool for dirt. Further details of the product are below:

Because of the technologies used in it and its distinguishing features, it is ahead of other suction cleaners. What it does differently from other is that it tries to bring some of the features and intelligence from expensive robotic model to more simplistic, cheaper model. Now, this is something very interesting. It means you can simply have all expensive features and technologies but at the cost of another inexpensive models. This makes Pentair-GW7900 the best automatic in ground pool vacuum.

  • Advanced Technology:

Technology is considered as the prime factor when any customer wants to purchase any product now a day. The same is the case when a customer is searching for the best in ground pool cleaner. The customer wants product who has the best technology so that the cleaning process becomes much easier. Pentair-GW7900 comes with exclusive smarttrac programmed steering systems which assure fast thorough cleaning performance. It helps to clean around tight corners, ladders and other obstacles which are the most difficult part of any cleaning.

  • Faster Cleaning:

It does not only clean fast as compared to other cleaners but it also gives highly satisfying results. Cleaning fast helps to achieve numerous advantages. It does not only reduce the time but also makes cleaning much more efficient because of minimizing the possibility of missing any spots. So great performance overall.

  • Additional Safety:

It provides additional safety to its feature so that their work performance should not get affected. Its vac port door fitting has a spring-loaded cover. This cover keeps it safe. The reason for providing extra cover and additional safety is to ensure the customer that it would not need maintenance now and then.

  • Two Way Cleaning action:

Its two-way cleaning action and superior footpad design scrubs and dislodges debris from the pool surface while its powerful vacuum action whisks it away. Its wide body design allows the sand-shark cleaner to cut a broad 12” cleaning path for fast cleaning.  

  • Final Thoughts:

Pentair-GW7900 is one of the best in ground pool vacuum. It provides all sorts of necessary features which are needed to clean a pool. It does its job very smoothly and without any hassle. It has very advanced technology to complete its job that too at a very fast rate. So, it increases the performance and reduces the work rate. This is very beneficial for any user. So, we believe this is the kind of product you need if you are a pool owner and looking for something comprehensive to keep your pool clean.

  • Advanced Technology
  • Faster Work Rate
  • Additional Safety
  • Two Way cleaning action
  • Does not have brush underneath

Top Features:

  • Effortless Debris Management
  • Full Pool Coverage
  • Maitains Contant Suction

Poolvergnuegen-Hayward is capable of delivering maximum power at any flow which helps in allowing passage to larger and more stubborn debris thus it keeps the pool cleaner. It can also use your existing pool pump and filter for power. It can easily be set up by plugging into the designated suction port.

It contains patented tire treads which help in moving everywhere especially when the surface is uneven or obstacles are in the way. It also comes with the internal steering sequence which ensures that the product provides complete coverage to the pool and cleans the complete pool thus making it the best in ground pool vacuum.

It comes with 2 wheels or 4-wheel drive. And it is capable of cleaning the pool of any size. It comes with different patented features such as a self-adjusting turbine. This self-adjusting turbine ensures that debris is managed without any problem and keeps the flow at the maximum level. It also has patented adjustable roller skirts that help to do maximum cleaning on uneven surfaces. It can also encounter obstacles with ease and does not let the performance get affected.

  • Self-Adjusting Turbine Vanes:

These self-adjusting turbines make sure that power should be at the maximum level at any flow level. It ensures full cleaning because of their ability to move. Due to this, it allows easy passage to large debris. Since the easy passage is being allowed to large debris to the cleaning overall becomes more efficient.

  • Robust Tire Treads:

The features which Poolvergnuegen-Hayward provides are very unique. It has robust tire treads which increases its performance. Due to this, it can smoothen its work on different surfaces, especially on an uneven surfaces. Most of the product fails to do that but it can do that with such comfort because of robust tire treads. Its climbing ability is increased due to this and it can maneuver obstacles very easily especially with main drains.

  • Steering System:

It has built-in multiple pre-programmed internal steering. This system allows Poolvergnuegen-Hayward to turn and it also enables them to reverse and move in another direction.  Hence it can easily move in any direction because of this feature. Due to this, it can provide full coverage to the pool. And thus, increases the efficiency of cleaning.

  • Interchangeable Throats:

It is an ideal suction cleaner because it has three interchangeable throats that allow optimization of suction performance. It can even optimize its performance with lower flow and can easily allow large debris passage. Thus, cleaning becomes much more efficient,

  • Final Thoughts:

If you look at the different features provides by Poolvergnuegen-Hayward they are mostly patented features. So that means they have not only pioneered these features but also you cannot find these features in any other product of any companies. So, if any user wants to have used these features, they do not have any other option apart from buying Poolvergnuegen-Hayward. Because you cannot find these features anywhere else. And since all of its above-mentioned features are very user-friendly and provides great comfort and great performance making it the best in ground pool vacuum. So we will surely be going to recommend it to you.

  • Patented Tire Treads
  • Internal Steering System
  • Self-adjusting turbine vanes
  • Robust Tire Treads
  • Hoses are very thin

Buyer’s Guide

Finally, you planned to make your life easy and want to buy the best inground pool cleaner but you have a little knowledge of this device. Leave this job to us; we will give a brief buying guide in which key features with mandatory points will explain everything to you. It will give you a better understanding of complex things.

These are one-time buying products; make sure to invest in the right spot. In this huge market, with so many brands, designs, and models of pool vacuums try to buy the one which fulfills your pool demand.

Take a look at this buying guide and enhance your knowledge regarding in ground pool vacuum:

How to choose the “best inground pool cleaner”:

Look at the following points and make your decision:

  1. Safe body design:

As being an in ground pool cleaners; they are going to work deep underwater, it must have a corrosion-resistant body so that the device will last long for many years. And it also can survive the chemical corrosion reaction if any incident happens, unfortunately. The body must be made from durable and reliable material.

  • Maneuvering ability:

A pool vacuum spent its maximum time moving throughout the pool to provide a thorough cleaning. If something bad happens with the wheel or they get stuck somewhere on the floor of the pool, it will affect the cleaning action. The wheels must be strong, easy to rotate, and reach out to maximum places regardless of the surface.

  • Filtration process:

Cleaning of the pool depends on its filtration system. If it isn’t good; no matter how expensive is your pool cleaner is, the result wouldn’t be satisfactory. It must have a strong filtration system with a big filtration capacity. So much work can be done in a single time without any discontinuation.

  • Less assembling:

The assembling of the best in ground pool vacuum must be easy, as hiring a professional to assemble the tool will cost too much. It must be ready to use in few minutes of purchasing. The number of hoses also matter, if they are less then assembling becomes very easy and quick.

  • Works for multiple areas:

The pool vacuum must be serving multiple purposes; it can clean the floor, walls, slopes, and stairs of the pool effortlessly. As some pool cleaners do not work on the stairs. Make sure it work on maximum surfaces.

Also, it can clean any type of floor surface either is made from concrete, vinyl, gunite, or tile; it must clean all the surfaces.

  • Price:

The price must be affordable for everyone; so everyone can buy these tools and make their life easy. Rather than watching over the expensive products again and again; in ground pool vacuum must have an accommodating price for everyone.

  • Robotic Pool cleaner:

Prefer to buy a robotic in ground pool vacuum as they are going to give you sparkly clean pool water without even a little help from the user. Just drop them in the water and it will start working and cleaning the pool on its own. These are a bit expensive but do not show any compromise on their quality and you don’t have to buy them every year.

  • Swivel hose:

This feature helps in no-tangling of the hose as some hose are Patent Swivel which means no messing and tangling of the hoses around so pool cleaner can enjoy pool cleaning process. As some pool cleaners have thin wires and hoses and they get tangled which causes difficulty in cleaning. They will create a tense environment apart from providing a relax environment. So make sure it has swivel hoses which make your life more comfortable and easy.

  • Weight of the pool cleaner:

Must consider the weight of in ground pool vacuum; if it will be heavy, it will cause difficulty in mobility. Buy the cleaner which is built with less weight. With this feature, anyone can pick and drop it in the pool without the need for anyone’s help. Both females and the older person can also clean the pool whenever it is needed. 


  1. What is the best inground pool cleaner 2022?

Ans: PoolBlaster-CatFishUltra and Dolphin-Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner are the best of this year in comparison to others because of their unique and special features.

  • What is the best cheap in ground pool cleaner?

Ans: Zodiac-Polaris Vac-Sweep F1 is at in affordable price with amazing features.

  • Are in ground pool cleaners different from above ground cleaners?

Ans: Yes, in ground pool vacuum can clean the pool deep down for up to 50 feet while above ground is not built for higher depths. As they can only for up to 30 feet down maximum. So don’t get confused between the two pool cleaners.

Final Verdict

The products shortlisted above are selected according to their features and legibility; every pool vacuum has its special quality as they clean the pool and leave a spotless space in the water. If you want to finalize one best in ground pool vacuum then I will go with the Dolphin-Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner. As it a robotic in ground pool vacuum which works on its own without the supervision of anyone. The body is durable and lasts long even it is kept underwater for many days.

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