Best Robotic Pool Cleaners – Buyer’s Guide

If you want the pool cleaner, then the “best robotic pool cleaners” are going to provide you with the complete package of convenience, optimal results, high-efficiency performance, programmable cleaning ability, and whatnot!

Simply enjoying the sight of fresh pool water can turn a tiring and stressful day into a refreshing one; however, it can do the opposite for owners of pools.

All thanks to;

Automatic robotic pool cleaners, which perform all the cleaning tasks by themselves, are set to schedule programming and have large filter bags made with fine material to collect all the debris from the pool.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner:

With the advancement in technologies, the best robotic pool cleaners are also advancing their features to provide ease as there are expensive things to buy.

The pool with the green fresh grass and trees gives a complete look to a serene view, but what if the wind blows and makes the pool dirty?

No one would like to see the pool even; cleaning it will be a nightmare but not anymore with the best pool cleaner robot 2022.

Our testing team experts think few qualities make any product the best product, and without those qualities, it will be worthless. These qualities are mentioned below:

  • The filter bag must be made with the finest material, which cannot catch large debris but also fine particles of sand, pollen, bacteria, dust, algae, etc.
  •  A robotic cleaner’s navigation system must work beyond expectation and not cause any problems for the user, and it must be placed on a track repeatedly.
  • The mobility provided by the wheels must be high enough to move effortlessly through any surface of the pool.
  • The best pool cleaner robot must be energy saver/efficient. It does not cost many bills to the owner as it is already an expensive product.

Consider these points our experts mentioned; before you lock your decision, they will help you easily make the toughest decision. Following are some products chosen by our team after during through the whole market of robotic pool cleaners; these are some best rated robotic pool cleaners:


Top Features:

  • One of Best Pool Robotic Pool Cleaners
  • Scheduled Vacuuming
  • Suck-up and Trap Small Particles

An efficient robotic pool vacuum that provides the user relaxing time by cleaning the pool and completing all the work in just 2 hours- is the reason Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum is the most selling product of 2022.

It is an easy carrying body cleaner that comes with a comfortable gripping handle; leave the pool cleaner into the vacuum and let it do the task. Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum not only works on a smooth surface but also walks comfortably on rocky and gunite surfaces.

With this best robotic pool cleaner, you can say bye to all the hoses, pipe-fittings, and pumps that are unnecessary anymore because it will do wonders with its patented swivel cable, which prevents tangling.

To achieve all this perfect cleaning for up to 50 feet pool, Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum doesn’t need much energy as it even works as an energy saver. It provides easy in-ground cleaning for multiple debris, including algae, dry leaves, small pebbles, dirt, mud, etc. The wall climbing and cleaning aren’t an issue with this pool vacuum.

It works with a suction rate of 4,500 GPH, which is enough for the powerful cleaning of pools; it can clean the drains effortlessly because of this high suction power. To know more about this product, give the following review a read:

  • Navigation system:

The Dolphin: Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum is built with a self-navigation system; the user does not have to guide the pool vacuum machine to move on which path; leave the machine in the water, and it will give a spotless pool in just 2 hours. It is a bi-directional robotic pool cleaner as it can move forward and reverse according to the need for work.

  • Dual-Scrubbing brushes:

With the twin-scrubbing technology, the Dolphin pool cleaner can give efficient cleaning results, as there are two brushes; one is at the front, and the other is at the back. Both have scrubbers to meet the cleaning needs of users. In addition, the big-capacity twin cartridge filter is very easy to clean; as it is fixed to the top body, take the filter out, empty it, wash the filter, and then put it back.

  • Tangle-free cable:

The long 60-foot patented swivel cable of Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum is made with a material that does not allow tangling so you can freely enjoy the time without the stress of that robotic cleaner being stuck with its cable.

  • Schedule cleaning:

The most amazing feature of this best robotic pool vacuum is schedule cleaning; it offers the weekly scheduler planner, which helps when the pool cleaner is left inside the pool, and it will start working according to its set time. It is made of durable material which can live inside the water for a week without getting damaged. The settings it includes in its system are; every day, every other day, and every third day; you can select from these options.

  • Final Thoughts:

The Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robot is the best pool cleaner you can get for the money; we acknowledge it misses a few spots when it moves in a straight line. But the pool cleaning provided by Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is matchless. It doesn’t leave anything behind. Also, it causes no hustle, fatigue, and pain to the pool owner. It will give you the freedom to clean the floor and the walls. Buy this beast and enjoy your quality time.

  • No more complex hose and pipes
  • Provides Schedule cleaning
  • Energy saver pool Vacuum
  • Wall climbing ability
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Patented swivel cable
  • Work for 50 feet pool with the time duration of 2 hours
  • Easy to remove and clean cartridge filter
  • Can’t perform water-lining cleaning
  • Not built for stairs

Top Features:

  • Specifically For Above-Ground Pools
  • Perfect Solution For Pools Up To 30 Feet
  • Can Clean Pool In A Quick 1.5 Hours

For people who are looking for fatigue-free pool cleaning with no extra hoses, pipes, motor pumps, and assembling then Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner is going to be an ideal choice; as it is a robotic pool vacuum that gives the user an ease of relaxing and free-time for themselves.

Just drop the cleaning tank into the water and do whatever you want to do; the magic will be performed by Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum in 1.5 hours maximum.

No one likes to enjoy dirty pools, so pool cleaning is mandatory more often and needs to be cleaned every other day in the summer season. Without the best robotic pool vacuum, this chore can become mind-wrecking. The less maintenance and assembly required Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum is built with CleverClean technology, which can easily spot the debris and engulf it. It comes with a warranty of 2 years which means it is safe to buy.

Also, it has a navigation system that rotates the wheel belt according to its system, and the scrubber will perform its task while moving inside the whole pool. This is best for the above-ground pool and moves easily at the pool’s surface without getting stuck anywhere.

  • Extra-large filter bag:

The filter bag of any vacuum cleaner is the heart of the machine, which should work properly and store maximum debris. The Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum possesses an extra-large filter capacity which is easy to adjust at the top body; you can take it out smoothly without performing extra work. In addition, the filter is made from mesh washable material, so take it out, empty and wash it out for the next time you use it.

  • Easy water out ability:

An electric device in deep water is nothing less than a nightmare, but the Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum is built with a body that can stay for days inside the water to perform the cleaning function. And when the cleaning is completed, all the water will be out from the parts of this best pool cleaner robot easily. Just tilt it a little bit, and all the water will be out in a few minutes. Now you can store back the device safely.

  • Self-cleaning for 1.5 hours:

The Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum can work for a pool with an area of 30 feet and give exceptional cleaning in just 1.5 hours. In addition, you can do other house tasks while this robotic pool cleaner is performing its duty. The intangible cord’s length is 40 feet, long enough to give uncomplicated cleaning time.

  • Clear multiple surfaces:

Its active scrubbing brush attached to the model’s front can clean tile, concrete, and smooth bottom surfaces. In addition, it can clean algae, bacteria, and large debris. Although to clean the sand particles from the pool, you need to buy an extra thin filter. Other than that, large debris cleaning is easy with Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum.

  • Final Thoughts:

When you check the price and compare it to other pool vacuums, Dolphin-E10 Robotic Pool Vacuum comes in the best budget robotic pool cleaner, so buying this one is a good option. It shows the high-quality result by cleaning and saving electrical energy as well. But it would help if you compensated because it does not have a tangle-free swivel cable and cannot climb the walls; some buyers say that it can but not every time, depending on the slope of the wall. However, overall it is highly recommended as it makes pool cleaning very easy and relaxing.

  • Cleans 30 feet yard in just 1.5 hours
  • Quick functional pool vacuum
  • Energy saver
  • Suction rate 4000 GPH
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Easily accessible filter basket
  • Carrying handle
  • Built-in CleverClean technology
  • Self-navigation system
  • Lightweight model
  • Easy to maneuver because smooth moving wheel belt
  • Single scrubbing brush
  • Designed only for above-ground pools
  • No water-lining cleaning facility

Top Features:

  • Ideal for Above-Ground Pool
  • Non-Abrasive Wheels That Glide
  • Reduces Water, Chemical and Energy Costs

As summer is welcomed more warmly in which people can enjoy the pool parties; but one thing is making them tired and that is pool cleaning. It is a neck-breaking task if done manually so for this purpose Aquabot- NE357 Robotic Pool Cleaner jumped into the market to provide ease to its users.

It is a best pool cleaner robot which performs keen cleaning of the pool on its own within 2-3 hours; till then you can relax. The cable attached with the pool cleaner is non-tangible which means it will not create any mess while moving deep inside the water.

This junior pool rover can run with a power transformer of a 24-V motor pump, which gives strong suction power to strike debris and dirt to the 2-micron fine washable filter pouch. It will not only eat away the large debris but also bacteria (2-micrometer), Dander (5-micrometer), dust (10-micrometer), and pollen (30-micrometer). The filter bag will collect all of these items.

The Aquabot-NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum has a strong suction power of over 70 Gallons per Minute which is enough to provide precise cleaning. It is an easy-to-use pool vacuum that needs to be plugged in and used.

It is built with Patented Hydro-Robotic Technology, which helps the robotic cleaner move inside water where maximum forces are acting already. It is helpful for a few parts and does not force all the parts of Aquabot- NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum.

  • Triple function pool cleaner:

The Aquabot-NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum has triple action quality of vacuum, filter, and driving the cleaner to circulate the pool water; as still water also creates algae and bacteria inside the water, which makes the pool dirty. These features help to give you sparkling clean pool water throughout the summer.

  • Auto-shutoff feature:

No more babysitting the best automatic pool vacuum above ground as Aquabot- NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum has a built-in shut-off timer of 2 hours. So it does not matter if you are at home or have to leave the sight of the pool to pick up the kids from school; set the off timer and save the pool from chemicals and save the bill from consuming more electricity.

  • Maneuverable wheels:

The muscular body of Aquabot- NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum is ready to eat away any dirt and debris while roaming inside the whole pool very easily with the help of wheels which provide maximum mobility and does not get stuck into anything. These wheels make surface cleaning easy with a long 40-foot cable enough to clean up to a 30-foot pool.

  • Angle pin locker:

The new angle pin locker feature is quite creative and helpful when having an oval, rectangular, flat, circle, or any shaped pool. Of course, it cannot be easy to clean the corners, but the Aquabot NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum makes it much easier. In addition, you can adjust the wheel at a different angle and then lock it with the pin. Ta-Da!

  • Final Thoughts:

The features and durable body of Aquabot- NE357 Robotic Pool Vacuum make it more worth buying, and the price is reasonable compared to the other robotic cleaners. This model comes with a warranty of 1 year which means you can buy it without any stress of damaged or raw quality. Wheels are strong and make movement in water smoother. It is a durable and long-lasting pool vacuum so let’s take a chance and buy it.

  • Cleans any shape of the pool
  • Angle adjustment pin for more precise cleaning from the corners
  • Remove debris from vinyl, gunite, concrete, fiberglass, and tile
  • Safe to use
  • Eliminate debris like sand, silt, bacteria, and algae
  • Robust suction power
  • Easy to use a pool vacuum
  • The cable might be tangible as it is not swivel
  • Made for residential above-ground pools

Top Features:

  • Ideal for Pools Up to 50 feet
  • Multiple Filter Options
  • Weekly Schedule Cleaning

As it is already 2022 in which we are using all the advanced technologies; how can we not upgrade out manual pool cleaners to robotic pool cleaners, the new Dolphin – Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum is all set to achieve the new goals of pool cleaning in which it will be just a plug and play device.

If you see your pool needs cleaning, take out your Dolphin premier pool cleaner, plug it with the electric supply board and drop it in the water. The easy carrying handle helps to carry the cleaner easily.

It can perform the on-spot cleaning and provides the option for schedule cleaning; leave the pool vacuum deep inside the water and set the timer, which comes with three settings- every day, every other day, and every 3rd day. You can select from these options, and Dolphin- Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum will work accordingly.

Not all robotic cleaners are in-ground cleaners. Most of them are above-ground pool vacuums; the ultimate Dolphin- Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum is a highly efficient in-ground cleaner that goes deep inside the pool leaves the pool bottom surface clean and shiny, which makes you jump into the water.

It can also clean the drains of the pool and has dual scrubber technology. In addition, the 60-foot cable is a 360-degree swivel which means it gives tangle-free pool cleaning.

  • Multiple filter options:

The filter system comes with many options which give high-performance results in minimum time consumed as a variety of debris can be collected through these options easily; the filter has four options which are:

  1. It has fine filter cartridges, which give cleaning at a very minute level, and all the small unseen particles will be gone in no time.
  2. The micro-filter bag can collect bacteria, algae, etc., from the pool.
  3. An oversized filter bag to consume the maximum number of large debris like big dry leaves and other debris; till the bag gets full and needs to be emptied again. It can give extra cleaning pool time.
  4. Dolphin- Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum doesn’t come with just one filter bag as many optional disposable filter bags are available with the package. 
  • Water-line cleaning:

The Dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner is the best choice for water-lining cleaning since it can move smoothly on walls with a strong grip and rubs and cleans the marks and spots caused by the waterline. It all can be controlled by the smart navigation system of this best robotic pool vacuum.

  • Highly efficient dual motors:

The motors used to pump the suction power of 4500GPH at 24-V DC; the twin-rotating scrubbers clean the pool surface in less than 3-hours for an area of up to 50 feet, leaving the pool in clean, sparkling condition. In addition, the motors are efficient enough to work 90% more quickly than any other ordinary robotic pool cleaner, which means it will be an energy-saver.

  • Smart control:

The Dolphin-Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum is an easy-to-handle pool vacuum dropped into the pool. With its CleverClean Patented Technology and Smart Navigation system, it will move around the floor, wall, and water-lining all by itself.

This cleaner comes with the remote control, auto-set weekly schedule timer, and an indicator with LED light which will inform about the level of a filter bag. If it’s full, LED will start giving an indicator alert so you can empty the filter cup as soon as possible.

  • Final Thoughts:

It comes with a 3-year warranty and versatile functionality with 2 motors and remote control; above all this, it is an excellent robotic pool cleaner; all these features make this device more charming. In addition, the filter bag options are more appreciative as not all cleaners provide these options, so considering all these points, the Dolphin- Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum is worth buying.

  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • LED indicator for informing the filter bag is full
  • Easy carrying gripping handle
  • 360-degree rotating swivel cables
  • Waterline cleaning
  • Cleans gunite, vinyl, plaster, and fiberglass surface
  • The device comes with the remote
  • Schedule cleaning
  • Smart navigation
  • Expensive
  • Heavy to carry

Top Features:

  • Motion Sensing Remote
  • 4-Wheel Drive Technology
  • Dirty Canister Indicator

Pool-lovers; buying a Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Pool Cleaner Robot is going to give a peaceful life; as it has a schedule timer of 7 days, rear water propulsion system, top-loading filter system, motion sensor navigation, Vortex vacuum technology, and 70-feet long cable which can cover 60 feet pool easily.

This 4-wheel robotic cleaner is easy to maneuver on the surface of the pool and swipe away the big large debris in no time. The wheels are powerful enough to go deep inside the pool as Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Vacuum is made for the in-ground pool.

The pool cleaner, which will work automatically without needing any guard to watch it with a 2-year warranty which makes your money safer, is not a bad option to select. With its matchless navigation system, it can clean a pool of any shape and size.

Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Vacuum can easily climb the wall and clean the water-lining apart from cleaning the floors. The rear propulsion technology can clean the algae, slime, and debris from under the stairs and from the tight corners; not all cleaners can clean these places.

  • Stops at the desire location:

The Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Vacuum is never going to disappoint you with its breath-taking features; now adjusting its position with the remote control, you can stop the robotic cleaner where you want to pick it up. Pick the position near you, and it will come to that position, and with easy-lift-off technology, will drain out water effortlessy, leaving the cleaner ready for the next use.

  • Alloy Caddy for easy transportation:

Polaris F9550 is not a lightweight cleaner; it weighs 21 pounds, which gives you muscle fatigue if carried for too long—but no more carrying as it has a heavy gauge powder coated alloy caddy, which helps in transportation and easy storage. In addition, it comes with a wheel and a strong handle which helps with the mobility of the pool cleaner.

  • Cleaning power:

The dual scrub brush rollers and vortex technology of Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Vacuum makes the cleaning more perfect. First, vortex technology decomposes the big debris into small pieces so the filter can easily engulf it. Then, it cleans the tile, concrete, cement, and vinyl surfaces with the help of these Aqua-Trax tires.

You can choose the cleaning from different cleaning cycle options, including floor cleaning only, water-line cleaning, and floor plus wall cleaning. Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Vacuum is settled to the floor cleaning program at the beginning as a default setting.

  • Functionality:

You must be wondering how these amazing features work with this four-wheel robotic pool cleaner. ActivMotion sensor of Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Vacuum works beyond exception. Moreover, it has a remote control; the robotic cleaner is compatible with EasyTouch, SunTouch, and IntelliTouch systems to handle the IntelliFlo pump with the remote even from a distance.

An LED indicator informs you about the level of the filter bag, so you don’t have to keep checking it repeatedly.

  • Final Thoughts:

It is a very simple to operate robotic pool cleaner with a built-in motion sensor that gives optimal performance and cleans the whole area without guidance. The caddy helps many people save their backs from pain and carries this heavy pool cleaner to the place you want. Also, the remote control feature is amazing, overall making this product the best robotic pool cleaner ever. The strong body with four wheels is also durable and reliable.

  • Strong body with dual scrubbing brushes
  • Cleans under stairs and hard to reach spaces and corners
  • Compatible remote control
  • 7 days timer settings
  • Motion sensor cleaner
  • No booster pump required
  • Quick assembling with no tools and connections
  • Stop and grab it from the point you want
  • Filter bag level indicator
  • Water-line scrubbing ability
  • A little bit pricey
  • Heavyweight pool cleaner

Top Features:

  • Wall Climbing Capability
  • Enhanced Suction Path
  • No Pulsating Hoses or Noisy Parts

As all the other brands are running in the market; Hayward is not behind them, it is also in competition with them with its high operation robotic pool cleaners.

Hayward-2025ADC Robotic Pool Vacuum is a robotic pool cleaner that is compact in design, portable, and easy to mobilize. It has improved skirt’s and vacuum wing’s design which gives an accurate pool cleaning.

A complete best robotic pool cleaner review is following for better understanding:

An easy-to-set-up robotic pool cleaner whose built-in pump speed can be adjusted accordingly; eating away anything which resides within your pool can be done by none other than the Hayward-2025ADC Robotic Pool Vacuum.

It can climb on the wall and clean the pool of any shape. It works on the gunite surface smoothly. However, climbing on the wall condition may sometimes vary as some walls have too much slope, which can cause difficulty for the Hayward-2025ADC Robotic Pool Vacuum to move on the wall.

  • Built with SmartDrive Technology:

This system helps to keep an eye on the pool vacuum as with SmartDrive technology, and you can keep track of the robotic cleaner’s current and next position. As a result, it helps to save time in guessing and finding the silent robotic cleaner. In addition, it will clean the whole pool surface without leaving any residue behind.

The new models are coming with more advanced features of upgraded vacuum wings, which will provide robust suction power for more precise cleaning.

  • Long-lasting robotic pool vacuum:

The pool cleaners spend most of their time deep inside the pool, so the material and quality of their body matter a lot. Hayward-2025ADC Robotic Pool Vacuum is built with a robust and reliable body that can last for a minimum of 3-4 years if taken care of properly. It won’t be getting damaged when left in the water for a week even. Another good aspect of this robotic pool cleaner is; all the parts are available in the market and are replaceable, so you don’t have to worry if anything bad happens, unfortunately.

  • Easy to use:

Unlike some complex robotic cleaners, Hayward-2025ADC Robotic Pool Vacuum is an easy-to-use cleaner with simple functions; the automatic high suction power helps eliminate dirt, dust, and debris in a few moments. In addition, it is engineered with trouble-free technology with a distinguished turbine system for effortless operation.

  • Silent pool vacuum:

 Outdoor cleaning might be hectic and not eco-friendly; when disturbing the neighborhood, outdoor cleaning tools must be quiet while operating. Hayward-2025ADC Robotic Pool Vacuum comes with the feature of silent cleaning; no one will know about its cleaning function; at the end, you will only observe a clean water pool asking you to jump inside it.

  • Final Thoughts:

The Hayward-2025ADC Robotic Pool Vacuum is the best budget robotic pool vacuum, as it comes at a good price and has the features required to give a thorough cleaning. The advanced technology system helps to provide cleaning over a wide pool area and leaves the pool shining clean. The fixing system of this best robotic pool cleaner is extremely easy. It requires no more extra hoses and fittings; you need a 40-feet long hose to perform its function. It is also good to buy as it does not need much maintenance.

  • Economical price
  • No booster pump needed
  • Quiet pool cleaning machine
  • Easy to assembly pool vacuum
  • The durable model can last for 3-4 years
  • Needs less maintenance
  • All the parts are replaceable and easily available in the market
  • Easy to track the position of robotic pool cleaner
  • Sometimes face difficulty in climbing the wall
  • Small filter capacity

Top Features:

  • Smart Steering Technology
  • Quick Debris Removal
  • Reduces Filter Backwashing

If you have been looking for a company to make robotic cleaners with a high-efficiency rate with optimal performance then Hayward-SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner must be your top choice as it is made to remove both big and small debris particles.

The big scrubbing brush at the front removes everything including algae and bacteria. Don’t worry! if your pool has big trees around it; as it seems a nightmare to few people, trees offer both dirt and leaves so cleaning them would be one hell of the task. But if you have the right weapon for it like Hayward-SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner then it is not a problem anymore.

It is very important to clean the pool regularly to maintain its aesthetics. Making a pool in the home isn’t a problem but keeping it clean is challenging. With Hayward-SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum, all your worries will come to comfort as it is a simple robotic pool cleaner.

It has a high-frequency cleaning ability that will save you time, money, and energy. In addition, the components with which the Hayward-SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum is built are strong and high quality, which does not need a lot of maintenance.

  • Cleaning area and required time:

All the robotic cleaners come with different cleaning area capacities at different times; Hayward-SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum can cover the area of 40-feet of in-ground pools and clean the whole pool in 2 hours. For two hours, you can perform other home tasks freely without the stress of pool cleaning.

  • Built-in filters:

The filter system of the Hayward-SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum is unique from others. It has already installed filters that give optimal cleaning, and they are present at the top of the body; open the lid, take out the filters, clean them, and put them back. It can clean everything from small particles to large debris and leaves in the pool. In addition, this best robotic pool cleaner cleans sand with its fine quality filter.

  • Clears multiple surfaces:

The pool cleaning does not include its bottom or floor only; the wall cleaning, coves, and waterline cleaning are also important. All thanks to the Hayward-SharkVac Robotic Pool Vacuum, which can clean all these surfaces in just a matter of time. It has some special sensors which prevent the cleaner from going out of the pool; these are Out-of-water and beach-entry sensors.

  • Final Thoughts:

It comes with pre-installed filters, push-button functionality, precise cleaning of walls and floors; it is the recommended best automatic pool cleaner with fewer complications. It works for both in-ground and above-ground pool surfaces. The easy carrying handle helps to take the pool vacuum from one place to the other easily; also, it has a stand on which you can place the machine and move it easily, which saves you from muscle pain. In addition, all the water hoses can be wrapped around it for tangle-free maneuvering.

  • Not much expensive
  • Four-wheel body
  • Top feed filter basket
  • Cleans floor, walls, coves, and waterlines
  • Hose, pumps, and hookups are not required for this model
  • Best for in-ground pool
  • Performs cleaning quickly
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • The cord might cause a tangling problem
  • To open the lid and get the filter out might be problematic as sometimes the lid gets stuck

Top Features:

  • Super Cleaning Performance
  • Energy-Saving Pool Cleaner
  • Convenient and Easy to Use

What makes PAXCESS the best robotic pool vacuum is that; it has greater cleaning mobility which is the most important attribute when it comes to deciding what are the best robotic pool cleaners?

It does not only do a great job on one particular surface but does that on all sorts of surfaces and is capable of cleaning dirt, debris, and leaves, etc. This is something very unique because it can clean up all types of things on all types of surfaces.

It is very light in weight as the total weight is 12-pounds; easy to pick up by women and older people. In addition, PAXCESS Cord-free robotic pool vacuum provides healthier cleaning for any swimming pool as it also removes chemicals from the pool.

PAXCESS Cordless Robotic pool vacuum is equipped with a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery capable of working for 60 to 90 minutes. It is a cordless automatic pool cleaner that means no mess, no tangling of wires. Furthermore, since it allows greater mobility, it can achieve this by having the feature of not attaching a cable to an electrical plug and can cover the maximum 100 square meters of in-ground and above-ground pool area.

In addition to charging the batteries with 110V power, the device is waterproof, the charging port can be kept covered when not in use, and it takes 5-6 hours to charge the batteries fully.

  • Powerful motor:

The powerful motor of the PAXCESS Cord-free robotic pool vacuum comes with a deflector and has a fast speed of approximately 16m/min. With this enhanced speed, frequency is also increased, which means it will clean the surface with more precise results and save a lot of time and energy on pool cleaners. It also has two large suction doors, a bottom brush, and filters that help it lock in leaves, dirt, sands, etc., and clean the water.

Thanks to its advanced battery detection technology, it will stop the pump as soon as the battery is fully charged or the working cycle is completed. Use the floating handle, take out the pool cleaner, and plug it back into charging.

  • Move on the slope:

The PAXCESS Cord-free robotic pool vacuum has an innovative feature of moving on the slope with an inclined angle of 15-degrees; not all robotic cleaners can do this. It can’t climb on the walls, but it can clean the slope area smoothly.

  • Energy-saving:

It does not depend on additional items to complete its job, such as a booster pump, suction line, etc. Instead, with the help of two wide suction doors, they complete the jobs by opening the nozzle to thrust the pool vacuum to move forward. The nozzle is controllable and can be adjusted as per the requirement. For example, if you face problems or obstacles at the bottom of your pool, you can adjust the nozzle to 0-40 degrees to sort out the issue.

  • Smart Navigation:

The navigation system of PAXCESS is highly advanced; it makes moving the cleaner extremely easy and covers an area of 860 sq.FtW. It has a built-in intelligent system and a highly optimized scanning technique. With the help of maneuverable wheels, navigation will become easier. Apart from navigation, the filter trays perform their task very confidently by stopping the small particles from large particles; this best robotic pool cleaner wouldn’t spare even the sand particle.

  • Final Thoughts:

PAXCESS Cord-free robotic pool vacuum does great cleaning and is easy to use for any customer. It is a lightweight design with advanced technologies that include a smart navigation system, filtering capabilities, safe cleaning, etc. My final thoughts on this best pool vacuum robot are very clear as it provides slope cleaning rather than simple floor cleaning. We agree that it can’t climb the walls and clean them, but the rest of the other qualities are amazing. It is compatible, portable, and has the first cordless design; now, your pool has the complete freedom of wandering on any pool surface.

  • Superior Cleaning Performance
  • Powerful Battery runs for 90-minutes
  • Lightweight
  • Smart Navigation
  • Adjustable angle nozzle for cleaning multiple pool shapes
  • Energy Saving
  • IPX8 water-resistant grade
  • Reusable filter trays with fine catching ability up to 180-micrometer
  • Charging Port Protector
  • Easy to catch floating handle
  • Made for in-ground, above-ground and soft-pools
  • Does not perform cleaning on the stairs and walls
  • Does not remove algae attached to the floor

Buyer’s Guide for Best Pool Cleaner Robot

Not everyone has complete knowledge of the best robotic pool vacuum; there are many things to consider before buying and spending money on this expensive device.

Fortunately; Our experts of pools considered all those points and made a detailed buying guide that will clear all the knots in your head. So thoroughly read these points and then go out to finalize your decision.

How to choose the “best robotic pool vacuum”:

Read the following points for better understanding:

  1. Navigation system:

The robotic pool cleaner must have the best self-navigation system; it can overcome obstacles and find the direction on its own. No one needs to be standing there while your pool is under the cleaning process. The pool vacuum can give a spotless cleaning on its own and move and target the spot with its self-navigation system.

  • Scrubbing brushes:

The brushes which scratch down dirt, mud, algae, slime, and many more types of debris should be strong enough, and it will be better if the best pool vacuum robot dual scrubbing brush as it will be able to clean with twice the capacity.

  • Swivel cable:

The most common issue a pool cleaner can face is the tangling of hose and water pipes, but if you talk about the best robotic pool cleaner, it must come with a swivel cable, which is un-tangible. Therefore, it can’t get tangled and damage the pool cleaner. It even works best for large pools without any stress.

  • Filter bag volume:

The filter bag must be easy to remove and come larger, so the users don’t have to empty the pool vacuum again and again. Also, the filter bag shouldn’t be too much fixed inside the tool, as taking it out might be tiring.

  • Remote control for easy access:

As we are talking about robotic cleaners, some models come with remote control, which allows the buyer to operate them even from a distance. Also, the user can control the settings simply by pressing the buttons rather than going near the robotic cleaner and changing the settings. So try to find the product which comes with this blissful accessory.

  • Tires of the pool cleaner:

The pool cleaner will move deep inside the water on multiple surfaces, so make sure to check the wheels provide maximum mobility and walk smoothly on concrete, vinyl, gunite, or any surface. In addition, the material with which wheels are made must be robust and doesn’t get broken easily.

  • Schedule Timer:

Some robotic cleaners have a timer that the pool owner can set, and it will work at the pre-set time. Using this device can save the user from the stress of leaving the cleaner in the pool repeatedly for cleaning. Instead, adjust the day, and the best robotic pool cleaner will start working at that time without your help.

  • Climbing capability:

No robotic cleaners can walk or crawl through the walls; some are only built for floors, while others can clean both surfaces. Must check the specifications before buying and read the manual thoroughly if it is eligible to walk and clean the walls.

  •  Easy lifting technology:

If you don’t want to stop the cleaner every time it’s done with the task, then buy a cleaner that has easy-lift-off technology. You will set the desired location, and it follows the order by coming exactly to that point. These are the perks of advanced technologies.

  1. Energy-efficient:

The best robotic pool cleaner usually works on the electric supply as they need an electric connection to complete the task; only a few are battery-operated robotic cleaners. Now, as it cleans the pool in a minimum of 3-4 hours depending on the area, it must have an energy-saver mode, in which it will work efficiently and save the user from high-cost bills. Therefore, it is one of robotic pool vacuums’ advanced and mandatory features.


  1. What is the best robotic pool cleaner 2021?

Ans: Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum is the best robotic pool cleaner compared to other cleaners.

  • How long can a robotic pool cleaner last?

Ans:  The life of the robotic pool vacuum is 4-5 years, but if it is taken care of properly, it can also last for 8 years. The proper washing and emptying of the filter bag after easy use and taking the water out from the pool vacuum can enhance its life.

  • What is the difference between an in-ground pool cleaner and an above-ground pool cleaner?

Ans: The above-ground pool cleaners are built for the low deep depths of the pool that include 30-feet maximum; they can’t perform work below this depth as it can affect their efficiency. On the other hand, the in-ground pool cleaners can go 50-feet to 70-feet deep inside and give highly précised cleaning results. The efficiency won’t get affected no matter how deep the pool is.

  • Can robotic pool cleaners be left inside the pool for a longer time?

Ans: No pool cleaner is made to be left 24/7 inside the pool as it can damage the body because of the chemicals present inside the pool, which cause erosion. They can be left till they are performing work or left for scheduled cleaning; else, remove the water from its part and store it in a dry place.

Final Verdict

Our pool experts have selected the above products with their concern and care; every cleaner has its special ability of work which makes it unique and worth buying. Still, if you are curious about one name that can change your life, it is Dolphin- Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum. The most selling best robotic pool vacuum and other names which got our attention are Zodiac- Polaris F9550 Robotic Pool Vacuum and Dolphin- Premier Robotic Pool Vacuum. The qualities possessed by these cleaners are matchless. They will give you precise cleaning and leave your pool sparkly clean.

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