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Hello Pool Lovers! If you are looking for the best suction pool cleaner to keep your pool clean then we are happy to be helpful.

Everybody loves a clean pool. But maintenance of the pool requires too much effort. It takes a lot of time for the user as well as a huge amount of physical effort. Choosing a pool cleaner is a difficult task.

Say bye to worries;

Our team has evaluated and found the best suction pool vacuum 2022 to help you out in taking the right decision. This right decision will help you in maintaining and cleaning the pool throughout the summer.

Best Suction Pool Vacuum:

Different things make the pool dirty such as leaves, dirt, twigs, algae, fungus, and hair, etc. To clean those, you need a pool vacuum that sucks every other particle and leaves you with clean water.

Since buying a pool vacuum is usually a one-time process, so our experts have done detailed research to get you the best product. Our expert suggests the following features which pool vacuums should have.

  • The pool vacuum must be easy to move. It will help in the cleaning process as it will be able to cover a large area.
  • It must Navigate and find directions. Because of this it will easily maneuver around the obstacles and will be able to clean the ladders and walls etc.
  • It must provide powerful suction. With powerful suction, it will be able to take leaves and other debris out of the pool.
  • It must be easy to install and takes very little time in the installation process. It should be in ready-to-go condition to save time.

Take a look at the following best-selling suction pool vacuum:


Top Features:

  • Quiet & Powerful Suction Cleaner
  • FlowKeeper Valve Automatically Regulates Water Flow
  • Durable Long-Life Diaphragm

It is a wonderful product that works with great efficiency. It works without making any noise. And is a very powerful suction cleaner. Due to this powerful suction Zodiac- Baracuda G3 is known to be the best suction pool cleaner. It is also very easy to install. And usually works better within ground pools. It works with low-speed pumps to increase performance. Following is a detailed review of the product.

To automatically regulate the water flow it has a G3 suction cleaner that works with the flow keeper valve. This Zodiac G3 can work with single, two-speed, or variable speed pumps to increase performance. So, it can easily take out small and medium-size debris from the pool and can clean the floor, steps, and walls of the entire pool.

  • Ease of Movement:

It can move easily throughout the pool due to its wheel deflector. This helps it not get stuck when an obstacle is in the way and provides uninterrupted non-stop cleaning. This helps in saving a lot of time. It removes scuffs on all pool surfaces with the help of scuff-resistant long-life hoses.

  • One Moving Part Technology:

It has its superior own moving part technology. It has a long diaphragm which provides reliability along with quick-release cassettes to give easy access to the diaphragm. It can work on any type of surface whether it is concrete, tile, or vinyl. It also has 36 finned discs which adhere to any surface for maximum cleaning.

  • Final Thoughts:

Zodiac- Baracuda G3 has all the attributes to make it the best suction pool vacuum. What makes it a wonderful product is its great suction capacity. It has the most updated technology such as one moving part technology, wheel deflector, etc. So, our team of experts believed it contains all the required features which any best suction pool cleaner for variable speed pump should contain, and it’s sure recommendation from our side.

  • Easy to move
  • Powerful Suction
  • Easy to Install
  • One moving part of technology
  • Not very effective against large debris

Top Features:

  • Cyclonic Vacuum Technology
  • Has Extreme Maneuverability
  • Operates in All In-Ground Pools

Zodiac- MX8 is designed to remove a large number of debris and leaves from the pool. To provide maximum coverage it’s a clear large path through dirt and debris. So, it ensures a wide cleaning path. So, it’s obvious that its performance increases because of that and made to be the best suction pool vacuum. It also has a 39 inches twist lock that ensures optimal performance. It can easily connect to cleaner and reduces vacuum loss.

It has a very energy-efficient design. It has an innovative flex power turbine which ensures that operation must be ultra-efficient. It works on low-flow pumps without compromising power making it the best suction pool cleaner for variable speed pumps. It can work with solar, two-speed, and variable speed pumps. It usually requires 20 GPM of flow. Its other accessories include flow regulator valve, leader hose section with hose float, 11 twists lock hose section and flow keeper valve, etc.

  • Cyclonic Suction:

The greater a vacuum can suck debris, dirt, and leaves, the greater cleaning it would provide. Zodiac- MX8 provides dual cyclonic suction. This technology ensures that it captures the maximum number of debris and leaves etc. It can be connected directly to a skimmer. It gets the maximum torque through its ultra-efficient energy source.

  • Navigation:

 It is equipped with X-Drive technology. This technology helps to provide coverage throughout the pool without any hangs up. It is advanced dual navigation technology. With this, it can easily reach and clean the walls, floor surface, and waterline of any size or shape. It also has X-Trax tires which help it in getting around tight corners and vertical walls for better performance. It has very great maneuverability because of this.

  • Final Thoughts:

Zodiac- MX8 is the best suction pool cleaner 2021 because of the innovative technology which it has. It has some amazing features such as a cyclonic vacuum for greater suction, X Drive Technology for navigation, X Trax tires for smooth movement, and is very energy efficient. Given that it provides so many wonderful features our team of experts would love to recommend it to you if you are looking for the best suction pool vacuum.

  • Easy to Move
  • Smart Navigation
  • Powerful Suction
  • Works on different surfaces
  • Slightly Expensive

Top Features:

  • Effortless Debris Management
  • Complete Pool Coverage
  • Maintains Constant Suction

Hayward is a known brand serving its customer for years. It has many different models in the pool vacuum category but Poolvergnuegen is the best Hayward pool cleaner out of all the options available. It is suitable for a pool of any size. It is available in 2- and 4-wheel drive. It provides the most recent technology to the customer. Its goal is to provide maximum cleaning along with a minimum physical effort to the user. It provides maximum comfort to the customer. Most of the time users only have to just turn on and turn off the equipment while it does all the work itself. Following is a detailed review of the product.

Poolvergnuegen is designed to work on different types of surfaces. It can complete its job with absolute ease on the uneven surface too. It has a pre-programmed internal steering sequence. Because of that, it can allow the left to be reversed in the opposite direction. So, it can just reverse and turn its direction very easily. This helps in maximum coverage of the pool.

  • Powerful Suction:

Poolvergnugen has patented self-adjusting turbine vanes. These turbines ensure that they must have maximum power at any flow. Due to this, it allows the easy passage of large debris to ensure maximum cleaning. To optimize suction performance at lower flow it has 3 three interchangeable throats. It is an ideal product to use with variable speed pumps.

  • Easy to move:

This is an ideal product for the pool of all shapes and all types because it has patented tire treads. This gives it an enhanced capability to climb on walls and not to be obstructed by any obstacle. It is also equipped with patented adjustable roller skirts which helps it to do suction on uneven surfaces while encountering obstacles.

  • Final Thoughts:

The features which Poolvergnugen provides are unique in a way that they are mostly patented. It means you cannot find these features in the product of other brands. So, if you want to enjoy these features you will have to buy Poolvergnuegen and this is why it is famous in the market as the best suction pool cleaner for pebbles etc. So, our team of experts after carefully evaluating all its features would recommend it to you.

  • Easy to move
  • Powerful Suction
  • Can climb on walls
  • Can periodically reverse
  • Expensive

Top Features:

  • Effortless Debris Management
  • Dive Float Directional System
  • “One Moving Part” Design

The Pentair-360042 Kreepy Krauly is being designed for greater cleaning coverage. It can provide complete cleaning coverage from pool bottom to water line. An automatic valve incorporated in it makes sure that it automatically regulates water flow. It sets the ideal travel speed for more thorough cleaning. Along with providing great cleaning, it is also very easy to install and takes very little time making it be the best suction pool cleaner for leaves.

The Pentair-360042 Kreepy Krauly has cleaner wings. These wings help in channeling leaves, dirt, and debris directly into the filtration system. In this way, it provides great cleaning of the pool. For cleaning around steps and ladders it has roller straps. These straps maneuver cleaner around steps and ladders. 

  • Design:

How a pool vacuum is designed will play a major role in how it will perform. The Pentair-360042 Kreepy Krauly has the simplest yet so effective design. Its modern design is enhanced by its rugged construction and ultra-reliable service life. Unlike other cleaners, a user does not have to worry about emptying the bag or gears being jammed or wheels and diaphragms being replaced. It features one moving part technology. That technology helps it in low cost of maintenance and to give it a long life.

  • Navigation:

It is equipped with a dive float directional system. This dive float directional system helps it in cleaning the entire pool. It gets guidance through it. So, users do not have to worry about anything as they will find directions themselves. Due to this, the user is not needed to put in a lot of physical effort. Besides, it is also very energy efficient. So, it helps to reduce your variable cost by reducing the cost of your utilities.

  • Final Thoughts:

The Pentair-360042 Kreepy Krauly is the best pool cleaner suction because it has the most effective design of all the options available. The design is simple but it has one moving part technology that caters to many concerns of users such as emptying the bag or replacing wheels etc. It allows it to find direction through its dive float directional system. So after carefully evaluating all these features, we believe this product is a solution to all your problems related to cleaning your pool.

  • Can find its directions
  • Simple Design
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to install
  • Expensive

Top Features:

  • Easily Navigates Around Pool Obstacles
  • Spring-Loaded Cover for Safety
  • Unique Turning Mechanism

The Pentair-GW9500 Kreepy Krauly can scrub and vacuum the toughest stain and dirt from your pool. It has a bristle drive mechanism. Due to this, it can knock out even the toughest stain with absolute ease. As this mechanism removes the toughest stain, its powerful vacuum whisk away small and large debris. So, in this way, it cleans the complete pool and gives the maximum work efficiency and to be called the best suction pool cleaner. Following is a detailed review of the product:

It can clean different types of pools such as dishes, incline, and hopper bottom pools. To easily loosen dirt from pool surfaces it has a bristle brush design. Because of these attributes, it is the ultimate cleaning machine. It can easily reach different areas and dirt cannot hide from it.

  • Navigation:

Navigation is an important part of pool cleaning. The more a pool vacuum can navigate itself, the more physical comfort it provides to the user. The Pentair-GW9500 Kreepy Krauly has programmed steering which helps it in easy navigating around the pool. It can maneuver around the obstacle to provide the user with uninterrupted cleaning. Also, it is very adjustable which ensures the most effective cleaning.

  • Work on Different Surfaces:

The Pentair-GW9500 Kreepy Krauly can easily be effective on different types of surfaces such as fiberglass, vinyl, and other specialty surfaces. To allow escape from difficult areas is designed with a unique turning mechanism. Its vacuum port door fitting has a spring-loaded safety cover.

  • Final Thoughts:

The Pentair-GW9500 Kreepy Krauly is a wonderful product that can work on different types of surfaces. It can be easily installed and ready to go. Dirt cannot hide from it. So, our team believed it to be the best suction pool vacuum and would certainly suggest it to you.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Smart Navigation
  • Works on different surfaces
  • Uninterrupted cleaning
  • The hose is not long

Buyer’s Guide

The swimming pool is a source of relaxation and entertainment for many people. People who have a swimming pool in their house use it to arrange parties and have fun at that place. This leads towards a major hectic task i.e. the cleanliness of the swimming pool. Cleaning the swimming pool is a very tough, boring, and time-consuming task.

It takes a lot of effort in choosing the best suction pool vacuum. If the user can choose the right tool, the tough-looking process of cleaning the pool becomes very easy. To solve this problem for you, our team of experts has written a buyer guide for you after carefully evaluating the market, which will help you choose the best tool to clean your pool.

How to choose “the best suction pool cleaner”:

Following are the points that must be considered before purchasing a suction pool vacuum.

  1. Powerful Suction:

Any suction pool vacuum you choose must have powerful suction. Because suction is the most important feature for cleaning any pool. With powerful suction, the vacuum will be able to remove more debris and leaves.

  1. Navigation:

It must be able to navigate and find direction in the pool. It will help you give great coverage in the pool. With this ease of movement, the user will have to do the minimum physical effort.

  1. Design:

The design of any pool vacuum plays a major role in the performance which it is going to deliver. So, any customer must consider the design and its effect before purchasing it.


  1. What is the best suction pool cleaner 2021?

Ans: Zodiac- Baracuda G3 is the best suction pool cleaner. Because it provides the most innovative technology and its features fully focus on providing greater comfort and greater performance to the user. Better performance with less effort is the main concern of any user and it addresses that issue.

  1. What is the difference between a suction and pressure pool cleaner?

Ans: Pool’s debris is collected in the bag in a pressure pool cleaner as it has a bag on the top of it for this purpose. Whereas a filtration pump is used by the suction cleaner to suck up debris. This debris is then returned to the pump basket.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best suction pool vacuum is not an easy task. All the mentioned products have some amazing features and contain the most updated technologies. But if we have to choose only one then we would go for Zodiac- Baracuda G3. Because it provides great work efficiency and is very easy to work with.

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