Best Vinyl Pool Vacuum

A pool cleaner with a soft surface is appreciating but its maintenance requires proper tools. A pool with a vinyl surface needs the “best vinyl pool vacuum” as it should not get damaged with rough and pointy cleaners.

A vinyl pool is extremely easy to clean; algae, dust, or debris comes along with the cleaner smoothly. A vinyl pool cleaner has soft scrubbing brushes at the bottom which removes all types of dust.

Best Vinyl Pool Vacuum 2021

The pool cleaners have different surfaces such as tile, concrete, vinyl, etc. Now the cleaners used on these surfaces have their specifications. The pool cleaners used on the concrete surfaces are a bit rough and hard. On the other hand, vinyl pool vacuums are soft and gentle in cleaning.

Our expert suggests;

The vinyl pool vacuum must come with few special qualities to provide comfort and ease of cleaning to the user.

  • The best vinyl pool vacuum must be durable in quality and remain for years as too soft the head of the pool vacuum can get broken easily.
  • The filter bag must have a large space to get the maximum amount of debris and the user does not have to change the bag again and again.
  • The wheels of the pool vacuum must be robust, easy to move, and do not have any spike to keep the vinyl surface safe.

By keeping in mind these points; the following are some top-rated best vinyl pool vacuum. Give the following products a read and choose the one according to your requirements.


Top Features:

  • Works Efficiently in Vinyl Pools
  • Palletized in Multiples of 16 Units
  • Comes with 31 feet Hose

Zodiac- Polaris Vac Sweep 280 is designed to work on all types of surfaces and shapes. It is a pressure-side pool cleaner. It provides an optimal level of cleaning. And it ensures that minimum physical effort is done by the user. Hence maximum comfort for the user. It is the best vinyl pool vacuum because of its wonderful features.

It can be easily connected to a 1.5-inch dedicated pressure cleaner line. Its vacuum inlet is 2.25 inches and it includes a 31 feet hose. It can vacuum, sweep, and scrubs the pool’s floor and walls to provide the maximum level of cleaning. It has its most famous three-wheel design. That helps it in moving easily around the pool and to give great reach for cleaning purposes.

  • Powerful Suction:

For powerful intake, it has a dual venturi jet vacuum. For gathering leaves, acorns, and pebbles, etc it has a very large opening that ensures that they are collected in large numbers in one go. It provides uninterrupted cleaning due to an in line backup valve that automatically frees 280. It works with a booster pump that provides it optimal power to pick up even large debris. It also helps in circulating warm water throughout the pool.

  • Filter Bag:

It has a very large capacity filter that can collect leaves and debris in huge amounts. Due to this, it can provide uninterrupted cleaning as you do not have to empty the bag again and again. To increase the life of the filtration system, it collects debris before reaching the pump basket and filter.

  • Final Thoughts:

It is the best price on Polaris 280 cleaner because of the features it provides at a reasonable price. It provides a great level of cleaning as it can vacuum, sweep, and scrubs the wall and floor. It has very powerful suction and a large filter bag for uninterrupted cleaning. So, with so many wonderful features, our team would suggest you purchase one if you are looking for the best pool vacuum for vinyl liner.

  • Powerful Suction
  • Large Filter Bag
  • Continuous Cleaning
  • Three Wheel Design
  • Booster Pump is not included

Top Features:

  • 8x Energy Efficient
  • Agile and Exceptional in Performance
  • Performs Schedule Cleaning too

Dolphin- Nautilus CC is designed to provide you quick hassle-free cleaning. It is the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools due to its unmatched performance. It is a reliable and durable product and is very popular among pool owners. It is ideal for a swimming pool above and in-ground up to 33 feet. It cleans the floor and walls of the pool too. Its cable length is 50 ft and its weight is 13.8 Lbs.

It is designed to do all the hard work on behalf of the owner. It is a very agile and efficient product. It gives the user great cleaning due to its superior filtering and scrubbing capabilities. It completes the job in very little time. So, the customer can spend most of the time enjoying the pool rather than cleaning it.

  • Energy Efficient:

Along with providing superior filtering and scrubbing capabilities to clean the pool efficiently it also consumes very less amount of energy. So, it helps save variable costs. It is at least 8 times more energy efficient. It does not require a pool or pump filter to complete its job.

  • Automatic Scheduling:

It has an automatic scheduling system where you can set the clean pattern with the touch of just one button. Three settings are available. Every day, every other day, and every third day. You can choose the option at your convenience and it will start cleaning automatically at the desired time.

  • Final Thoughts:

Dolphin- Nautilus CC can easily be termed as the best robotic pool cleaner for vinyl pools. It offers great cleaning due to its filtering and scrubbing capabilities. It is very energy efficient and you can just automatically schedule it. It saves you from all types of physical effort and gives the maximum comfort. Keeping all that in mind, we would love to suggest this to you.

  • Superior Filtering
  • Energy Efficient
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • High Work Rate
  • Expensive

Top Features:

  • Deluxe Nylon bristles
  • Can be Submerged to Pool Floor
  • Stainless-Steel Tension Spring Handle

It is a wonderful product to remove debris and other particles from the pool. It can work on both aboveground and in ground vinyl pools making it be the best vinyl pool cleaner. Its power source type is water. Following is a detailed review of the product.

It can be used with a vacuum hose and standard pool poles. Its hose adapter fits 1 ¼ inch by 1 ½ inches vacuum hose. It helps you to keep your clean so that you can enjoy it with your friends and family. Its power source type is water.

  • Brushes:

The Poolmaster- Air Vinyl is equipped with perimeter brushes. That helps in losing dirt and debris from the pool. That helps in making the vacuuming process easier and more efficient. Due to this cleaning process becomes more fun and easier.

  • Design:

Its design helps in making the cleaning process more efficient. It has a weighted vacuum body and tension spring handles. They help in keeping the vacuum submerged at the floor level by providing necessary resistance.

  • Final Thoughts:

Our team of experts believed it to be the best pool liner cleaner. It gives such a good cleaning to the pool owner. For suction control, it has air relief valves that can be adjusted. They ensure smooth and effective cleaning. Its perimeter brushes and design also help in making cleaning more efficient. So, it’s a sure recommendation from our side.

  • Brushes
  • Air Relief Valves
  • Easy to submerge
  • Strong Body
  • Hose and Poles not included

Top Features:

  • Tangle Free 40 ft Cable
  • Suitable for Vinyl, Gunite, Tile Pools
  • 2 Hours Automatic Shut-Off Function

Aquabot- APRVJR Pool Rover contains the innovative technology to clean your pool. While doing cleaning, it helps you save water and chemicals. It is equipped with the finest filtration i.e. down to 2 microns nominal making it be the best pool cleaner for vinyl liner. It helps in keeping your pool cleaner by removing more debris.

It is a very simple and easy-to-use product. To prevent cable tangling it has an adjustable axle pin. It also helps in providing maximum coverage to the pool. It handles all the work for you so that you can enjoy the pool.

  • Powerful Suction:

It is the most key determinant in judging the performance of any pool vacuum. It has a 24-volt pump motor that helps in providing powerful suction and works with the help of a touch button. It can perform at the rate of 70 Gallon Per minute. It can be used for all types of pools including vinyl liner pools. I

  • Design:

It has extra-wide non-marring wheels. They can easily move on any type of surface. It has 2-hour automatic shut-off features. That helps it in becoming energy efficient. It also has exclusive hydro robotic technology that helps it move swiftly in the water to provide efficient cleaning.

  • Final Thoughts:

Aquabot- APRVJR Pool Rover is the best pool vacuum vinyl liner because it provides the most powerful suction and has hydro robotic technology to move in the water. It’s an energy-efficient product and can clean a pool of any size or any shape in such a minimum time. So, It’s an absolute recommendation from our team.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Powerful Suction
  • Filter Bag
  • Axle pin for anti-tangling
  • Expensive

Top Features:

  • SmartTrac Programmed Steering
  • Spring-Loaded Cover for Safety
  • Unique Turning Mechanism

The Pentair- GW9500 can effectively clean pools of any size and shape. It can easily scrub and vacuum debris of all sizes to provide wonderful cleaning to the user. It has a unique bristle drive and oscillating vortex which helps in doing better cleaning of the pool.

It can effectively clean different types of surfaces such as vinyl, fiberglass, etc. It can cut a 15” cleaning path for greater and effective cleaning. It contains a bristle brush design that helps in loosening dirt and then it is vacuumed to provide effective cleaning.

  • Smart Navigation:

It is incorporated with smart trac programmed steering. It helps it in finding direction and moving on its own. It very easily navigates around the obstacles to provide uninterrupted cleaning and helps save a lot of time for the user.

  • Easy to Install

It can be installed very easily. You just have to remove it from the box, attach it with a hose and just put it in water. And now it is ready to do its work. It has a unique turning mechanism that allows it to escape from different areas.

  • Final Thoughts:

We tend to believe that The Pentair- GW9500 is the best pool vacuum for liner pools. It has all the required characteristics to fulfill the needs of the user. It has a smart navigation program to find directions, a unique turning mechanism to escape from different areas, and can be installed very easily. So, after a detailed evaluation, we believe it’s a must-buy product for you.

  • Smart Navigation
  • Scrubbing Brushes
  • Safety Cover
  • Easy to Install
  • Cannot Climb Stairs

Buyer’s Guide

When there is a need to clean a pool there are different types of questions that strike our mind such as what is the best vinyl pool vacuum. Or what is the best pool vacuum for the Intex pole? What characteristics should they have? Answers to these questions are not easy. Detailed research is needed to find out those answers.


Our team has done all the research for you and has prepared a detailed guideline that will help you find the pool vacuum you are looking for.

How to choose the “best vinyl pool vacuum”:

Consider the following points for a better understanding

  1. Powerful Suction

The powerful suction is the key variable while choosing a pool vacuum. As it plays a major role in vacuuming dirt, debris, and other particles from the pool.

  1. Energy Efficient

Along with the fixed cost of purchasing a pool vacuum, there is also a variable cost associated with it when it consumes energy while doing its work. Always prefer a pool vacuum that is energy efficient to reduce variable costs.

  1. Smart Navigation

With the help of smart navigation, it can find directions and can take over any obstacle. So, you can get uninterrupted cleaning with minimum physical effort.


  1. What is the best vinyl pool vacuum?

Ans: Dolphin- Nautilus CC is considered as the best vinyl pool vacuum because it has some wonderful features to clean your pool and also it is very energy efficient. It also has the option of automatic scheduling for maximum comfort.

  1. Is draining pool vacuum damage the liner?

Ans: There is a probability that draining a pool will damage the liner as it can get the pool liner to shrink and upon refilling if there is no elasticity in the liner, it can be ripped or torn. So, it should be avoided.

Final Verdict

All the above-mentioned products are unique and wonderful because of their features. It is hard to point out one single best product. But if we have to choose only one out of them, we would go for Dolphin- Nautilus CC because it is very energy efficient and has the most updated features to provide maximum comfort to the user.

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