Buying Guide For The Best Pool Vacuum

Is your pool dirty and you are having a party tomorrow? Don’t stress out yourself if you have got the best pool vacuum by your side. But if you don’t know about this blissful machine, then your life is going to be hectic.

Pool cleaning seems difficult and energy-consuming as cleaning underwater is not simple. Old ways of pool cleaning are hectic, time-consuming, and energy-consuming. 2022 blessed us with these best pool cleaners to reduce the human burden. So don’t waste further time and have a look at these beasts.

If you have zero experience buying a pool vacuum, let us help you with that. Following is a detailed buying guide for the best pool vacuum; give it a read to learn about this pool tool.

But before going further;

You need to know many things regarding your pool, like the size of your pool, the material with which your pool floor is constructed, is your pool in-ground or above-ground, how strong is your pool installation system?

After getting the answer to all these questions, go and buy the top pool vacuum for yourself with the help of the following buying guide:

The shape of the pool:

Everyone would like to have a pool of their desired shape that will fit best in their yard and looks amazing. If your pool is square and has corners, buy a pool cleaner to clean the tight spaces and corners. If you have a round or oval-shaped pool, buy a pool vacuum, which works smoothly in wide places.

Your pocket-size:

We encourage you to buy a pool cleaner to reduce your efforts and bring ease to your life. But we also want you to consider the price of the pool cleaner. There are costly pool cleaners available in the market; try to find the best budget pool vacuums. Don’t burden yourself with a costly product.

Type of pool vacuum:

With the advancement of 2021, a pool vacuum has categorized itself into three major types; manual, automatic, and robotic. In addition to having advantages and disadvantages, all these pool cleaners have their own specifications and features.

Manual or handheld pool vacuums are the best choice to consider as they do not cost much and easily clean the pool without any installation or requirements. But they require human effort and time.

Automatic and robotic are almost similar with little difference in that robotic pool vacuums work all by themselves and don’t require any human hand. On the other hand, automatic pool vacuums work but with the little guidance of humans.

 So consider your demands and requirements before selecting any one category.

Above-ground and in-ground pool:

These are the different types of pools that pool-owners know when constructing their pool. Above-ground pools have a low depth of approximately 30-feet, while in-ground pools are deep pools with up to 50-feet depth.

Now the pool cleaners are designed according to these categories. And they work in their depth. The best above-ground pool vacuum and best in-ground pool vacuums are available in the market under big famous names and brands.

Design and size of pool vacuum:

The pool vacuum must be compact to be easily stored when not used as big heavy pool cleaners are difficult to handle. The adjustable size pool cleaners are everyone’s favorite, and their lightweight feature allows even women to clean the pool easily.

Cleans multiple surfaces:

A multi-surface pool cleaner is a better choice than a cleaner designed for a specific floor type. There are pool cleaners that clean vinyl, gunite, concrete, tiles, Intex, all types of floors. So prefer to buy such cleaners so you can keep them for years even though you modified your pool floor surface.

Wall cleaning ability:

The pool walls are as important as the floor of the pool. Both can get equally dirty. So instead of cleaning the walls by hand and scrubbing away the dirt with effort, buy a pool cleaner which can clean both easily. It will be a win-win situation since two tasks can be performed for one price.

Easy-installation system pool cleaner: 

Complicated products are not the buyer’s first choice as it takes a lot of energy, time, or even money when it needs a professional to hire. Buy pool cleaners that come with easy systems and can be installed quickly without burdening the user.

Length of the hose:

Don’t forget to consider the length of the hose of the pool cleaner you are planning to buy. Sometimes your pool is small, and you buy a pool vacuum with a long hose length. Now it can cause a tangling problem while cleaning the pool. On the other hand, you have a big pool size and have bought a pool vacuum with a short length hose; now it will also be a problem. Pool cleaner won’t reach maximum places, and you will not have sparkly clean water.

Serves for slopes and stairs:

Not all pool cleaners can clean the stairs and slopes of the swimming pool as it is difficult to climb the stairs. And we know that stairs are the mandatory part of the pool so we can easily go inside the pool. Buy the pool cleaner which can clean the steps and stairs also.

Filter capacity:

You must need to check the filter capacity of the pool vacuum before buying. A big capacity filter basket is highly appreciated as it buys more time for cleaning than creating problems and gets full again and again. Also, the material of the filter basket should be easily washable and reusable, so the user doesn’t have to buy tons of filter bags for cleaning the pool.

We are overwhelmed to help you buy the best pool vacuum, and we hope this article helps!

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