Frequently Asked Questions About Best Pool Cleaners


Ans: A pool must be cleaned twice a week if you are not using it daily to maintain proper hygiene. But if you enjoy your summertime daily, it needs to be cleaned daily.

Ans: Yes, it is worth buying. To reduce human effort and save some time for yourself, you need a pool vacuum for cleaning the pool. No one would like to perform hectic muscle pain tasks regularly.

Ans: The design and material of the pool cleaner body are built, especially after considering its condition of remaining underwater for many hours. So it is safe if you leave the pool vacuum underwater. It will not be damaged by water or chlorine. However, it is not recommended as it can reduce the durability of the pool cleaner.

Don’t leave the pool vacuum underwater for many days if you are not using it. Keep it dry and out of the water when not in use.

Ans: Usually, it depends on the motor capacity of the pool cleaner, but it may run for 2-3 hours to provide smooth continuous cleaning. Else, the actual time is determined by the efficiency of the cleaner.

Different types of pool cleaners run for different periods of time as robotic pool vacuums are efficient so they quickly finish the cleaning and run for less time.

Ans: Poolmaster 28300 is going best among the other manual pool cleaners.

Yes, you need to scrub or brush the walls, water borders, stairs, and corners of the pool before using a pool vacuum. This scrubbing helps the pool cleaner take away the settled dirt and debris on the floor smoothly, and everything will be collected in the filter bag.

In some cases, scrubbing is done by the cleaner itself, so you don’t have to do that before cleaning.

Ans: Dolphin Nautilus CC is the best robotic pool vacuum of 2021-2022.

Ans: Yes, Dolphin Robotic Pool Vacuums can climb and scrub the walls. It will not fall off and walk smoothly on the walls without causing any damage.

Ans: No, above-ground cannot work for deep pools. The maximum limit of their depth they can afford while cleaning is 30-feet and in-ground pools are up to 50-feet. They both have their kinds of pool cleaning machines and devices.

Ans: You can use the manual pool vacuum for your deep pool, but it is not recommended as it may result in very tiring cleaning and cause you muscle and back-aches problems.

Ans: The price may range from $30 to $700 for manual and automatic pool cleaners, but in the case of robotic pool cleaners, it can exceed up to $1000.

Ans: Yes, in some cases, the wheels get stuck on the drains, small rocks or obstacles present at the bottom of the pool. While other popular brand pool cleaners have robust structures and constructions, they don’t get stuck on drains or other things.

Ans: Hiring a professional to clean your pool will cost you a lot, and you have to pay them every time. Instead of this, buying the pool cleaning machine will cost you less for long-term results. It may feel like an expensive product at first, but it will save you from future bills.

Also, after hiring a professional, the terms and conditions of the pay can increase with time, but if you have your pool vacuum machine, there will be no such mess.

So, decide for yourself which suits you best.

Ans: Yes, to maintain a healthy pool life, you need to backwash after vacuuming your pool thoroughly. It helps to remove the clogged dirt and debris which came out after cleaning. It leaves sparkly clean, fresh water in your pool.

It also helps decrease the chance of diseases, which can be caused by bacteria, fungi, algae, etc., or other water-borne diseases.

Ans: A big yes to this question. You just need to drop the pool vacuum in the pool and press the start button. The rest of all tasks will be performed by the cleaner itself. A self-modified navigation system allows backward and forward movement while cleaning.

Another unique feature of robotic cleaners is that they can perform scheduled cleaning as well. Just set the time and day, and they will start working by themselves. So, the robotic pool vacuums are extremely easy to use and highly recommended.

Ans: Yes, automatic or robotic pool cleaners will work fine even if the pool is covered. A little difficulty will be faced for the wired automatic pool cleaners. The situation will be completely different for manual pool cleaners as they can’t work when the pool is covered.

Ans: Dolphin E-10 robotic pool cleaner serves best for the above-ground pools.

Ans: If your pool isn’t in use, change the water for 3-5 days but if you are enjoying pool time regularly, then change the water daily to keep yourself healthy and hygienic.

Ans: XtremePowerUS is one of the best automatic pool cleaners.

Ans: If your pool cleaner has a built-in self-propelled system, then you don’t have to put any effort into the movement. And your automatic pool cleaner will move in random patterns by itself. It will be time-consuming, but you will be left with a clean pool in the end.

Ans: The body of the automatic pool cleaner needs to be checked as to how adjustable and flexible it is. That’s the reason automatic pool cleaners come with plastic molded flexible bodies. They move with the help of the flow of water. Also, check how much speed and flow of the water they can bear without getting damaged. The cleaning time taken by the automatic pool cleaners depends on the size of the pool.

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