How to Vacuum Your Pool?

You have a pool and are tensed about its cleanliness and maintenance as no one wants to jump into a dirty pool. But you must be wondering how to vacuum your pool? What will be the best way to vacuum above ground pool? Let us help you by giving a few pro-tips to make your task easy and light.

Before starting-Get your tools ready;

It would help if you had the proper tools to win this cleaning war. Both in-ground and above-ground pools need proper cleaning every once in a while as it keeps you safe from germs, bacteria, and diseases as other chemicals are also added to the swimming pool.

Don’t worry;

We will guide you and provide you with thorough details for the best way to vacuum above ground pool. Whether your pool is in-ground or above ground, cleaning will become fun for you!

Cleaning an above-ground pool is comparatively easy to in-ground pool.

This cleaning task of above ground or any pool can be done in 2-process, either manually or automatically. The automatic process is simple and easy, requiring no effort. Just drop your robotic or automatic pool cleaner, and the job will be done after a few hours.

But we think manual cleaning is more fun; we described every step for you:


  1. Pool Vacuum Head
  2. A telescopic pole
  3. Vacuum hose
  4. Vacuum plate or Skimmer plate

Like any other task, a pool vacuum needs exact instruments and tools. You will need these tools if you are vacuuming your pool manually. Every tool has its use which will help in the precise cleaning process, and the results will be worth watching.

But keep that in mind that if you have algae in your pool which is making the water dirty, you have to buy the best above-ground pool vacuum for algae. Removing algae isn’t simple and easy.

Role of these tools:

The tools mentioned above are used to vacuum your pool of dust, debris, dry leaves, or algae. The details of their role are written below:

  • The pool vacuum head is used for scrubbing and cleaning the pool’s surface. It will run smoothly, scratching dust, algae, hair, mud, etc. Make sure to buy the best pool vacuum head, so it does not float on the water-level surface and moves on the floor for cleaning.

The pool cleaner head you are selecting must have scrubbing brushes at the bottom to remove debris, dust, dirt, and muddy particles along with algae. Try to buy the best pool vacuum head for algae as it will scratch away everything with itself.

Caution: For vinyl pool surfaces, the vacuum head with a soft brush must be chosen. It will keep the pool surface in shape and does not damage it with scratches and marks.

  • A telescopic pole is used to attach the vacuum head and adjust according to the user’s height. It can be connected to nets, pool skimmers, hooks, etc. It helps to reach the bottom of both in-ground and above-ground pools.

The telescopic pole helps best to serve for above-ground pool cleaning as these are not deep pools; a handle with minimum length will also work fine for it.

Tip: It must be weighted to remain at a depth of any pool. Also, it must be compatible with height with comfortable ergonomics.

You can also use a garden hose instead of a telescopic pole. It will be, in fact, a more inexpensive and reliable tool as every garden owner has a garden hose with them.

  • The vacuum hose must be of a higher length to reach every pool corner. It provides sucking power and engulfs the debris, dirt, etc. It can be attached to any filtration system.

Tip: Buy the extension pole, which gets connected easily with any pool head vacuum, and if it does not fit properly, use a hose clamp.

  • The vacuum plate is the connection between the hose and drains inlet. It removes the struggle of turning ON and OFF the motor pump.

Tip: Must connect it to the skimmer inlet, which is then connected with the suction pump to give the proper pressure and maintain proper water level.

Dive in with us for more;

Steps for the cleaning:

To vacuum your pool, follow the easy and precise pattern and keep yourself safe from muscle fatigue by performing the steps again and again.

After gathering the tools, the important point is their proper usage in proper steps. It is the best way to vacuum the pool. The procedure is mentioned below:

Assembling- Step 1:

Connect the head of your pool vacuum to the telescopic pole. Make sure it is fixed properly. Don’t push too hard that it becomes damaged. Make sure the pole is quickly fixed to the head of the vacuum.

Connection- Step 2:

Make a connection between the hose pipe, skimmer, and vacuum head. It is done by fixing one end of the hose on the vacuum head and the other end on the skimmer.

When making this connection, make sure to remove all the air from the hose pipe. Dip the hose pipe end into the water till you no more bubbles coming out of the pool vacuum head.

Else place the palm of your hand on the opening of your hose, and don’t let any air pass through it before you completely dip it into the skimmer.

Valve Setting- Step 3:

When these connections are successfully made, check the valve settings on the main pump and filtration system. If you think it requires light cleaning, then set it to “Filter settings.” For heavy cleaning of your pool, adjust the valve to “Waste.”

Start cleaning- Step 4:

After all these adjustments, start vacuuming your pool. Move the vacuum head in the pool like you are cleaning the floor. Extend the pole if required and slowly move with the vacuum head and clean the pool’s surface. Move step by step along the sides of the pool and remove the dirt.

Nice and slow!

Don’t make sudden abrupt movements while vacuuming your pool because it will make the sand, dry leaves, and dust particles fly away with water, and it will become difficult to catch them in the filter bag. Slowly mop the whole floor of your pool, and you can adjust the height of the pole according to the need.

Pack-up- Step 5:

Once all the cleaning has been formed; take out the vacuum head from the pool, disconnect the hoses and other connections. Must clean the filter bag so it remains usable and you can easily use it the next time. Change the filter settings back to normal. Clean and dry all the tools and place them back safely.

Bonus-Step 6:

If you want further clean sparkly water to enjoy, attach the scrubbing brush to the telescopic pole and scrub out the walls, water lines, and floors. Your pool water will become more appealing and make you jump in it.

Voila! Done with vacuuming your pool

These are the easy steps to follow, and our experts answered your vacuuming the pool questions.


  1. Is it necessary to vacuum the pool?

Ans: It is extremely important to vacuum the pool every once. It keeps the pool in proper shape and ready to use anytime. Otherwise, the water will become dirtier, and algae fungi will take over.

  1. Is manual pool cleaning recommended?

Ans: It is not mandatory to clean your pool with robotic and electrical machines; manual pool vacuuming gives more satisfying and up-to-the-mark results. You can clean any place, any corner, any area; according to your choice as some automatic and robotic pool cleaners can’t clean the walls or steps of the pool.

  1. Does pool vacuum remove algae?

Ans: Yes, any algae will disappear in seconds when scrubbed by the pool vacuum.

  1. Is the method of pool vacuum for in-ground and above-ground is the same?

The basic steps are all similar; the only change is in the length of the telescopic pole; as for a ground pool, it should be long enough. On the other hand, a normal length telescopic pole works fine for above-ground pools as they are not much deep.

Happy Cleaning!

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