Life Of Different Pool Vacuums

Generally, the age of a pool vacuum depends on the type of material it is constructed with. And apart from this, their maintenance, how you place them in the store, and how you take care of it- affect their life.

Since some pools contain chemicals to remove bacteria and other purposes, these chemicals might cause damage to the vacuum cleaner if it is submerged for an extended period.

The manual pool vacuum can last for 7-8 years as they are less maintenance-required cleaners and are simple tools.

The life of robotic and automatic pool cleaners is minimal compared to manual because they can get damaged if not properly managed. They can last only 2-3 years without care, but they might last for 5-6 years if proper steps are taken.

The average life of any pool cleaner is 4-5 years, and the rest depends on many factors. The cleaner’s lifespan should increase to 7-8 years by taking these measurements.

  • Drain out the water from the pool vacuum body after each use and place it dry
  • If the pool vacuum isn’t in use, take it out of the pool
  • Clean the filter regularly

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