Pressure Side Vs Suction Side Pool Vacuums

Owning a pool is like a dream come true, but its maintenance is one hell of a job. There is a huge variety of best pool cleaners out there. Let us help you if you are confused between a pressure cleaner and a suction cleaner.

Pressure Side Vacuum:

The pressure side cleaners have a large filter bag at the top of their bodies, engulfing and storing debris. The filter bag can remove anything that gets in its way, including small pebbles, sand, dirt, mud, leaves, etc.

When the device is taken out after cleaning the pool, the whole bag is drained of debris and emptied. Usually, the filter bags are made of washable material. After each usage, they are washed and kept clean for the next time.

Suction Side Vacuum: 

The suction pool cleaners do not have any filter bags, and they use the filtration pump system of the pool. The dust and debris collected in the pool go straight to the basket or drain of the pool. The user can take out whole debris from the basket.

These best suction side cleaners for the pool have a turbine that runs through the suction pump. The pool vacuum has no system of self-debris collection.


If you are wondering to choose between these two, then go with Pressure cleaners as they have their system and do not depend on the main system. The filter bag of pressure vacuum is big enough to collect debris etc., without the requirement of a filtration pump.

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