Pros and Cons of Different Types of Pool Vacuums

Having a pool looks dreamy and luxurious, but everyone gets a nightmare when it comes to cleaning. Various brands have developed the best pool vacuums to handle this job. They are made with great consideration and care to provide maximum comfort to the users.

There are many types of best pool cleaners; designed according to the condition and requirement of the pool. Some pools are big, and their cleaning might take ages. While others have small pools and cleaning them won’t be difficult.

Sometimes the walls of the pools become dirty, and some algae or debris stick to them because of the water. Using proper tools and machines to scrub them might be more effective than using a hand or cloth.

Following are the major types of pool vacuum:

  1. Manual Pool Vacuum
  2. Robotic Pool Vacuum
  3. Automatic Pool Vacuum

All these types have their pros and cons; let us give you a transparent picture of these types:


The manual pool vacuum is the one that is dependent on human help, and the user performs all the work. Famous best manual pool cleaners are Intex 28620EP Handheld Rechargeable, Poolmaster 28300, Pool Whale manual pool vacuum, etc.

Advantages of Manual Pool Vacuums
  • These pool vacuums are less expensive as compared to the other categories and also does not require much costly maintenance
  • It is faster than cleaning the pool with bare- hands. These manual cleaners have pool vacuum head and brushes which scratches away the dirt, algae, and mud
  • Manual pool vacuum easily catches the dry leaves and large debris into their filter bag
  • They do not cost any electricity bill
  • They have no big fat installation process
  • The stairs and slopes are no problem for manual pool cleaners. Even the tight corners can be easily cleaned.
  • These are compact and easy to store pool cleaners.
Disadvantages of Manual Pool Vacuums
  • They demand extra human labor and efforts which might be difficult for old age people or people with back-aches
  • These manual pool vacuums are slower than automatic and robotic pool cleaners. It consumes a lot of time for cleaning.
  • These are budget-friendly pool vacuums but not durable as applying pressure for cleaning can cause damage to the head or the pole.


Robotic pool cleaners are the new invention of 2022, and they are going to give full comfort and ease to their owners. These are advanced pool vacuums with all the built-in features of cleaning. They don’t require any guards to look after while they are cleaning. Well-known best robotic pool vacuums are Dolphin Nautilus CC, Polaris 9550, Dolphin Triton Plus robotic pool vacuum, etc.

Advantages of Robotic Pool Vacuums
  • These are programmable pool cleaners that can perform schedule cleaning according to the demand of the user.
  • Robotic pool cleaners have a self-navigation system that helps them to move on the floor of the pool
  • Some robotic pool vacuums can wall climb and scrub. They don’t fall off while cleaning the walls or the water-borders
  • They have built-in big capacity filter bags which can collect the debris easily
  • It comes with the patented swivel cable which helps in the prevention of tangling
  • These are eco-friendly devices that save all of the time of the user. And the not only time but also save them from muscle fatigue and stress-cleaning
  • These cleaners are energy-saver as they have an efficient pool cleaning system
  • They perform their work quietly and circulate the pool water smoothly
  • Works best on any pool surfaces
Disadvantages of Robotic Pool Vacuums
  • Not everyone can afford these pool vacuum as they are extremely expensive as compared to their other categories
  • They might need maintenance after some time
  • These cleaners do not clean stairs
  • The movement is restricted in some cases. The backward and forward movement is according to some specific patterns unlike those manual pool cleaners


Automatic pool cleaners are slightly different from automatic pool vacuums. They require some attention and care while performing the task. The cleaning is done by the device, unlike a manual cleaner. These are mid-category between manual and robotic pool vacuums. The best automatic pool vacuums on the market are Zodiac Baracuda G3, Polaris Vac-Sweep 280, XtremePowerUS, Hayward Poolvergnuegen, etc.

Advantages of Automatic Pool Vacuums
  • These are less expensive pool cleaners as compared to robotic pool vacuums
  • They take minimum time for cleaning of the large pool in comparison to manual pool cleaners.
  • They have durable bodies which last long for years and does not get damaged even placed underwater for a longer period
  • Automatic pool cleaners have strong built-in suction power which engulfs every minute of debris, sand, dirt, etc.
  • Some models are designed with a wall-climbing feature that can clean the walls of the pool easily.
  • This category has large filter bags which helps in keeping up the work for a longer time
Disadvantages of Automatic Pool Vacuums
  • Unable to reach the tight corners and spaces
  • This category might need a difficult installation process. As it is further divided into the categories of pressure-side pool cleaners and suction side pool cleaners
  • A clean filter must be used before every time pool cleaning
  • They require much time in cleaning and maintenance of the filtration system
  • As they are connected with the pool filtration system; they can cost much electricity bills
  • Automatic pool vacuums might get stuck at the drains, tight spaces, stairs, etc.


Consider all these facts and figures; make up your mind and buy the pool vacuum which best suits your demands. Every category has its purpose. Check your pool size, floor, pool filtration system, and wallet budget, then decide.

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