Types Of Pool Vacuums Available in The Market

Pools are everyone’s favorite, especially in the summertime when kids are on break. But we can’t deny that their maintenance and cleaning require effort. When others enjoy their pool time, owners might get under-stressed about its cleaning process.


2021 has made our lives easy and simple by inventing easy operating “best pool vacuums” which clean the pool all by themselves and leave sparkly clean water for the owner to enjoy. After buying these pool vacuums, you don’t have to hire any professionals to maintain the pool cleaning.

As each pool shape is constructed differently, many pool vacuums help in cleaning them. Each pool cleaner performs its job at its best and satisfies the customer. The main types of pool cleaners are mentioned below to help the user better understand.

  • Manual pool cleaner
  • Robotic pool cleaner
  • Automatic pool cleaner

All these types are explained in the following section:

Manual pool cleaner:

It is the old traditional way of pool cleaning. The manual pool vacuum is simple to use as it has a brush attached to the telescopic pole. It is used to clean almost every type of space in the pool, i.e., stairs, slope, floor, tight spaces, etc.

The pool vacuum head will scratch away the dust particles smoothly. It is best for people who do not want to depend on other ways of power supply. The handheld pool cleaners also come in this category.

Best Manual pool vacuum: Poolmaster-28300, Pool Whale portable pool vacuum, Pool Blaster Max cordless pool cleaner, etc.

Advantage: It can clean maximum spaces, is less expensive, has a low effect on utility bills, requires less maintenance, and is easy to use.

Disadvantage: It is not suitable for people suffering from backaches as cleaning manually might be tiring and hectic.

Robotic pool cleaner:

The advanced and individual system pool cleaning machines work by themselves. They don’t need a babysitter to watch and operate them. Robotic pool vacuums are an example of advanced technology achievement. Just drop them in the pool, and they will start moving and cleaning. They have a smart navigation system with a patent swivel cable that avoids tangling. Robotic pool cleaners give sparkly clean water to enjoy.

Best Robotic pool vacuum: Dolphin-Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool vacuum, Dolphin-E10 robotic pool vacuum, AIPER robotic pool cleaner, Polaris-9650IQ robotic pool vacuum, PAXCESS robotic pool vacuum, etc.

Advantages: These pool vacuums have scheduled cleaning options, big filter baskets, a smart navigation system, clean water boards, do not require any effort by the user, are energy-savers, and remove almost every kind of dirt debris, etc.

Disadvantages: These are expensive pool cleaners; also, their maintenance cost is high, and not everyone can afford these robotic cleaners. Also, they don’t clean slopes and stairs.

Automatic pool cleaner:

These pool cleaners require minimal human help. They work on their own but need human assistance. These are in the mid category of manual and robotic pool vacuums. They have an easy maneuvering body that moves freely underwater as the user does not have to put a lot of effort. They require less maintenance.

Some automatic pool cleaners are even programmable and need less energy supply. They help in the better circulation of water.

Best Automatic pool vacuum: XtremePowerUS 75037 Automatic pool cleaner, Zodiac Baracuda G3 Automatic pool vacuum, Polaris Vac-Sweep 360, Zodiac MX6, etc.

Advantages: These are far better than manual pool vacuums and less expensive than robotic pool vacuums. These are portable, compact, and efficient pool cleaners.

Disadvantages: Not as efficient as a robotic pool cleaner and gives less precise results in cleaning the pool surface. They Do not clean stairs, sides, and tight spaces in the pool.

The automatic pool vacuums are classified into two categories depending on their supply source. These are explained below:

Pressure-side cleaner:

This type of pool cleaner is attached to the filter pump and creates pressure that helps move away from the debris, sand, or dirt particles. They are mobile because of the water pressure inside them. They are not difficult to install.

This category includes; Pentair LX500G Kreepy Krauly, Polaris Vac-Sweep-360, Hayward Trivac, etc.

Pros: The advantage of a pressure-side automatic pool vacuum is that it can smoothly clean slopes, stairs, and water borders.

Cons: The disadvantage of the pressure side pool vacuum is that they require an extra booster pump and don’t scrub the floor for precise cleaning.

Suction-side cleaner:

The pool vacuums connected to the suction side of the pool filtration system and collect the debris in the pool filter are called suction-side pool vacuums. The mobility shown by such a pool vacuum is random. The skimmer will collect all the debris, leaves, and dirt. It is a quiet pool cleaner.

Some examples are; Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000, Hayward Aquanaut 200.

Pros: It does not require much budget compared to the other pool cleaners. Also, these are easy to install.


These pool vacuums are not very best for cleaning the pool and are usually used for small pools. As they are connected to a pool filter system, they will need much energy supply, increasing utility bills.
All the above-mentioned pool vacuums can be suitable for in-ground swimming pools or above-ground pools. Every pool is constructed according to the requirements of the pool owner. Some want to enjoy deep pools; others do not like depth.

So the pool cleaning devices are built with various specifications that fulfill the user’s demand.

In-ground pool cleaner:

Those pool vacuums work deeply inside the pool for up to 50 feet in depth. They easily go down at the bottom and start cleaning the pool’s surface without stress. These are durable pool cleaners.

For example, Dolphin Premier Robotic pool cleaner, Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Automatic pool cleaner, Dolphin-Nautilus CC Plus Robotic pool cleaner, XtremePowerUS 75037 Automatic pool cleaner, etc.

Above-ground pool cleaner:

The pool vacuums, which are built for easy and not very deep cleaning purposes, are in the category of above-ground pool vacuums. The maximum height they can bear is up to 30-feet. They will not perform proper functioning below this height. These are the best pool vacuums for home use.

For example, Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 Pressure side automatic pool vacuum, Hayward W32025ADV Automatic pool vacuum, Dolphin E-10 Robotic pool vacuum, etc.

Choose the pool cleaner according to your pool requirements, as each pool has its floor surface and shape.

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